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trade_menow, Apr 4, 3:32am

loose.unit8, Apr 4, 4:05am
It's not really a sulk, it's a perfectly justifiable defense of all the money they have paid for content.

nzoomed, Apr 4, 4:37am
SKY can go and get stuffed.
Im not giving them any business unless they offer cheaper rates. Its not breach of copyright anyway because we are technically we are still paying for the content and its not the ISP's problem, all they are doing is offering a global DNS service to allow us to access to overseas websites, nothing illegal about that.
When SKY call or know on the door i just tell them we use (US) Netflix

paora-tm, Apr 4, 8:22am
Yeah, suck it up Sky, you've been ripping off people for far too long.

vtecintegra, Apr 4, 8:26am
That hasn't been tested yet.

mr_sausage, Apr 4, 11:16am
I can kind of understand where they are coming from, but TVNZ, TV3/4, and Sky should maybe look at their price structure, and what they offer (bang for the buck).
I have igloo which is part of sky, but its full of adverts, repeats repeats and more repeats. All this for $20 per month. And Im dumping it shortly.
Or I could go Netflix and have a huge variety of movies, tv shows, documentary's, etc, with no adverts, and can watch what I want when I want. All this for less than $10 per month. And no adverts.
I suggest Sky etc deliver what the people want or close up shop.
Perhaps what people watch on Netflix etc are program's that Sky and TVNZ haven't paid for. If they had, then why aren't they being shown on TV?
Usually the movies that Sky show have been on DVD for a long long time.
And most of the tv series are several seasons old too.
There is the odd exception though.
But really with Sky, Mediaworks etc, apart from sport, all other content is old and second hand.
All at next years prices!

Keep up with the times Sky, TVNZ, TV3/4 etc, or you will be left behind, and its all your own doing. Don't blame innovative ISP company's, or the consumer that wants what you can't deliver!

trade_menow, Apr 4, 11:44am
You forgot to mention Netflix also offers everything in HD ( unlike skys crud )

jeremy_74, Apr 4, 11:54am
At the moment Sky are broadcasting 22 channels in HD.

Thats nearly more channels than Freeview have all together, SD & the 3 HD.

Around 10 of those channels are sport, which netflix etc dont do.

martincj, Apr 4, 1:10pm
American Netflix people still had to pay for it.
Most of the other titles are free to USA/UK, sky simply wants to charge $50 a month to show old shows the rest of the world gets free.

nzoomed, Apr 4, 9:36pm
I dont understand how that works really, Netflix is not the copyright holder either, its the movie and TV studios, etc who own the content for the different TV shows and films etc.
Actually its more of an issue with TV shows than movies themselves it seems. (although some banned films are now attracting the censors attention through netflix, but again the ISP is not to blame here as they can already be downloaded from torrents as it stands)
Anyway, whoever owns the copyright to the content still gets paid.
Only people who miss out are SKY who may own the broadcast rights to the stuff for NZ, but im not going to pay over $70 a month for a whole lot of crap (and repeats of it) to get a few select shows a month.

Hopefully SKY will loose more contracts to Netflix NZ when it comes time to renew them.

I have no remorse for SKY they have been ripping NZ off for too long, they have had their day as far as im concerned.

Sport is really the only thing most people i know use SKY for and even then, they have lost alot of sport contracts and they still screen ads on some games!

jeremy_74, Apr 4, 9:46pm
so you think sky pays nothing to the copyright holders for content that has been on free to air channels overseas?

jeremy_74, Apr 4, 10:00pm
They lost the rights to the PGA tour and EPL which you can pay to stream for $20 a month for each. Add Netflix etc and another sport streaming service then your paying close to what you would pay for Sky.

king1, Apr 4, 10:18pm
the one useful thing sky did was to bring all the content you generally needed together into one place.

Yes you can pay less, but Its actually going to cost more in future to access similar content because.

a. in sports they are outbidding each other with ridiculous sums of money for a single sport, the cost of which has to passed on, and
b. No one general content provider eg netflix, has a complete range of content. for the TV junkie you will need to sign up for more than one

nzoomed, Apr 4, 10:48pm
Thats the problem for me, with SKY i would be paying too much for a whole lot of content that i dont watch, i couldnt care less for sports, however i know people who only want the sports and none of the movies etc.

trade_menow, Apr 4, 11:21pm
I'd think that applied to alot of people ( i was 1 of them ) when i gave my 30 day notice to cancel sky i was asked if there was any reason and i told them i was sick of the repeats and alot of the channels i didnt watch and i only had the basic package they then had the nerve to say that theres even less selection on freeview but they went quiet when i mentioned lightbox's 12 months free and netflix which so far is ok and i certainly dont miss sky's annoying ads

nzoomed, Apr 4, 11:57pm
lol quite true.
I had a SKY person knock at our door around the time when freeview was introduced and they had the cheek to say that freeview is not really free, because you have to buy a freeview box!

What a joke! That reasoning is like saying TV is not free, because you have to buy a TV!

zak410, Apr 5, 1:36am
Meanwhile, in Europe:

"EU announces plans to banish geo-blocking, modernize copyright law"

paora-tm, Apr 5, 6:31am
Did I hear right on TV just now? Apparently these 'rogue' ISPs are giving kiwis the means to access movies and tv shows for free which isn't quite the truth!

intrade, Apr 5, 6:42am
you mean the waterd down diluted versions of crap they charge us here for after. was just in the newas that they waterd the content down compaired to the full usa versions.

nzoomed, Apr 5, 11:02am

Ban the internet then, because we have always had access to torrent sites such as thepiratebay for example! lol

TOR and i2p should also be banned!

mr-word, Apr 7, 10:18am
The old media companies left out my republic which has global mode as well.

puddleduck00, Apr 7, 11:13am
I guess the market is asking for content worthy of the monthly charge. They aren't providing that (partly because of all the red tape), so people are going elsewhere. They can squawk all they want (even if it's justified), but people in NZ are sick of paying the earth for sub-par services so they've found a way around it. It's a case of either cater for the market or lose entirely.

neoslowmo, Apr 7, 11:45am
Move with the times Sky or lose customers - simple as that.
We live in a time where we can get what ever we want when we want.
I welcome Netflix with open arms, ditched Sky 10+ years ago paying all that money for crap.

oclaf, Apr 7, 8:23pm
I would counter that circumventing Geo restrictions is helping create a fair playing field for Kiwi consumers who are so restricted by our geographical isolation in other areas.
Like the video rental shops of last decade, Sky is a dinosaur that needs to adapt to survive in its changing environment. Crying to the courts about how new technology is destroying their business will not solve their problems.

There should be no geographical borders on the internet.

kwm30, Apr 7, 10:57pm
Sky is a dinosaur, www provides all the content i would wish to watch if i was a sky subscriber. for free, simply put. sky has nothing i want.

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