Very low strength signal on phone

geek_roshu, May 14, 11:36 pm
Is this a provider issue? I'm with Vodafone and the last 2 days have been unable to send/receive texts and my signal icon is very low. Are these two things related? And yes, I cleared out my in/outbox.

geek_nice_lady, May 14, 11:48 pm
Your inbox will have nothing to do with your signal strength. Have you tried it with a different sim card ? perhaps a telecom, (spark), one for instance ? have you tried restarting the phone ?

geek_roshu, May 15, 6:30 am
Thank you, I should have thought of that.

geek_smoothjazz, May 15, 7:45 am
is your phone 4G capable?

geek_tillsbury, Nov 20, 2:31 pm
If all else fails and you really are in a very low strength area, you can get a Vodafone Sure Signal ($199 one-off cost), which gives you five bars within 20m of your house as long as your mobile and broadband are both with Vodafone. They're great. Obviously Vodafone are terrible, but that bit of kit just about makes up for it.

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