Tablets and GPS without need for 3G/Wifi/Bluetooth

simplekiwi, Feb 19, 7:18pm
All rather confusing this. Could some boatie perhaps answer this question?
Rather than purchasing an expensive chartplotter, I am considering purchasing a cheap tablet and loading the Navionics app on it for NZ.

I understand most tablets have GPS capability so that 3rd parties and play store can monitor the apps as part of their permissions.

There are a couple of tablets on here that do what Im looking for (ie base maps for fishing) but they are selling for around $200.

My question is. will a tablet work with GPS, on the water without the need for 3g or wifi connectivity?

Thank you in advance

nice_lady, Feb 19, 7:26pm
3g, WiFi and Bluetooth are quite different to GPS. GPS works by picking up a satellite signal. 3g is the cellphone tower signal. Bluetooth is very short range wireless signal. WiFi is also a generally very short range wireless signal.

While GPS is independent of the other three, location services on the phone, tablet CAN and sometimes do use WiFi and or 3g , (cell tower), signals as well as GPS.

simplekiwi, Feb 19, 7:32pm
Hi Nice lady. Thanks or your message. I understand that GPS is independant of 3G etc, but do you need 3G etc in order for the tablet to pick up the satellites and track your movement on a loaded basemap?

Ie. I load a map of NZ roads and Im going from A to B. I dont have 3g or any outside connectivity. Will my position/journey be followed on the map by gps on its own using gps signals only?

flower_tears, Feb 19, 7:41pm
According to the developer "Navionics charts are downloaded to the device and stored for easy access regardless of connectivity!", so, obviously it works in OFFLINE mode where there's no data coverage.
And just to clear things up, GPS signal has nothing to do with 3G/4G, WIFI, Bluetooth connectivity, it get's your coordination by fixing to one or more GPS satellites in sight ( and that's why it will require a clear view of the sky to ave accurate results).


nice_lady, Feb 19, 7:42pm
So long as the map is fully downloaded into the device then the answer is no. Google maps for example use 3g to update the map 'on the fly', but you can download and store portions of Google maps onto the device so you don't need 3g to use the map function when driving necessarily. There are quite a few free map apps which fully download the map to the device so that 3g connection is not needed. If you have a map downloaded onto the device you can remove the sim card if you wanted to and use GPS independently. Gps is independent of data connections. If you have a smart phone download say 'GPS 'essentials' and then remove the sim card from the phone then use the 'gps essentials ' app to locate satellites. You'll see it works perfectly.

simplekiwi, Jul 27, 3:54am
Excellent news. Thank you so much for your help guys. Now, onto my next thread re the Navionics app. this could potentially save me hundreds of $$$$! Thank you again, SK :)

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