How to make a iPad load faster

sushi2, Feb 21, 4:21am
I have a iPad 4 and i,m very thick when it comes to anything technical but can someone please tell me how I get rid of junk and speed it up

mgc54, Feb 21, 4:24am
Google is your friend. try a search for "decluttering your ipad"

mcdaff, Feb 21, 6:26am
Do you actually close open programs every now and then? Double click the home button and swipe all the open program's towards the top of the screen one by one? Click home button again when you have finished.

sushi2, Feb 23, 5:55am
Umm thanks for the advice but what's the home button

lilyfield, Feb 23, 6:00am
On you screen is an apple help logo. Click on it and read it.

suicidemonkey, Jul 12, 11:30pm
It's literally the only button on the front of the iPad.

Have you read the manual? It's handy.

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