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tanya170, Feb 12, 8:30pm
I have vdsl, but the signal won't reach to some parts of the property and the sleepout - just one or two bars and drops out. Is there something you can do to make the signal stronger?

tillsbury, Feb 12, 9:48pm
VDSL is your internet connection. You're talking about wifi, which is the connection between your router and the computer you're using.

To get maximum range, try to put the router as near the centre of the area you want to use it as possible, and as high as possible. Anything metal in the line of sight will destroy the range. So many people put routers on the floor -- way better to have it right up near the ceiling.

tillsbury, Feb 12, 9:48pm
With a sleepout, look at range extenders or running an ethernet cable directly to it from the router.

spyware, Feb 13, 12:55am
Wireless is line of site. Consumer grade routers/access points are low power. That simple.

Maybe mount a Unifi Outdoor Access Point (superior to extending current wireless) on outside of house.


spyware, Feb 13, 12:57am
Add a sector antenna maybe - 90 and 120 degrees.


tanya170, Feb 13, 8:03pm
Thanks all for your info.

timberman, Feb 14, 10:36am
I would just use a Lan conection
Much better & faster than Wi fi
Just get an adaptor & plug your lan conection from your modem into a 240 volt outlet & in the sleep use the matching adaptor & using the 240 volt power cable going to your sleep out plug in your lan conection
sounds real strange but it dose work

cookee_nz, Aug 11, 9:14pm
It's called IP over Power among other things. Works quite well but not full cable speed, although still often faster than the best WiFi. Be aware they must be on the same circuit tho and this can take some isolating (ie fuse-pulling) to work out

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