International Data Plan

wessex, Apr 20, 12:53pm
Planning to use viber on my cell phone for calls back to NZ whilst on holiday in UK. Says can be expensive use of data. If not connected to wifi. Is there a cheap way of covering your data usage or to pay for extra as I won't always be able to connect to WiFi. Thank you

macman26, Apr 20, 11:25pm
Wifi is the cheapest if you can get it for free. As far as roaming could be good plans out there.
1. Who are you with now?
2. How long do you plan on being in UK for?
For example Vodafone do $5 a day in the UK.
For a extended holiday may be cheaper getting a sim card there. One site from a quick search.

sred69, Jan 27, 4:12pm
Get a SIM card in the UK when you get there for your phone, most of the company's do a unlimited data for about £15 per month with some local UK calls and txt but if using viber then you can use the data

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