Installed a printer yesterday and ran wirelessly

kecal, Apr 21, 8:17am
today i go to print and now zilch it says the mac cant find the printer.
laptop connected to wireless and printer connected to wireless, but the comp cant connect to the printer wireleesly. will however print via usb cable.
macbook pro and hp all in one officejet pro 8610.
any help appreciated. not to computer savy.

gsimpson, Apr 21, 8:24am
It may have changed it's IP address on the network. Best to select a fixed IP address for the printer. It will be in the printer settings.
Have a look here for ideas

kecal, Apr 21, 8:43am
this is the ip address on the network configuration page printout ive tried puting this address in to connect but zilch

gsimpson, Apr 21, 8:50am
Can you access the printer via web browser using that ip address?

kecal, Apr 21, 9:01am
4 sorry no ., just a thought my router is well over 5yrs old could this be part of the prob?

kecal, Apr 21, 9:06am
ha the sledge hammer is looking a pretty good winner at the moment.

gsimpson, Apr 21, 9:21am
Router should be ok for the job.

gsimpson, Apr 21, 9:32am
Does the IP address on the computer match the printer?

spyware, Apr 21, 9:42am
Maybe try to understand IP addresses and subnets instead. Give the printer a static address and reinstall the driver.

kecal, Apr 21, 7:06pm
ok spyware , re above please explain? how do i give the printer a static address and were do i get that from. as said im not exactley up to play with thsi stuff ,
but i have followed the install as per the disc.

crab2, Apr 21, 7:50pm
did you have another printer before the officejet, if so it may still be your default printer, go to your control panel and make the new printer your default printer also check when you get the page to press print that it says your current printer

spyware, Jan 25, 3:25pm
Read the manual like the rest of us. Typically printers have web interfaces by which an IP address can be assigned. Remember that some printers have two interfaces, wired and wireless. Some routers also allow the creation of static leases. Log onto router and investigate that aspect.

Alternatively find someone that provides elementary computer services.

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