Just had a call from a scammer! Beware!

1raregirl, Mar 12, 1:02am
. telling me that I have a number of "errors" on my commuter that need to be fixed. Sounded like he was in a call centre with lots of people talking in back ground, Philippines/American accent. Hung up on him.

black-heart, Mar 12, 1:22am
It's been going on for years.

mazdasix, Mar 12, 1:43am
Been going for years. been in the news, in the paper, all over the internet, etc.

mr-word, Mar 12, 2:47am
The Indians have been calling at 9pm at night here.

carlie, Mar 13, 8:48pm
I get those calls all the time. I usually have them hanging up on me within the first minute, lol.

paniarose, Mar 13, 9:05pm
I generally answer my phone "Police station ,how can I help you". scammers hang up real fast. everyone else bursts out laughing

annies3, Mar 13, 9:16pm
Yes the last time I had one of these annoying callers I called out over my shoulder "quick transfer this call to police" never heard from them since.

gadgetman, Mar 14, 12:32am
This is a classic scammer prank

gadgetman, Mar 14, 12:49am
Actually a telemarketer prank but you could use this against scammers.

richard112, Mar 14, 8:44am
Love this one. Just came in at 8pm ish tonight. Once I accept the offer are there any poor & needy out there want to go on my list?

I'm Phillip Hoare 72 years old from Wellington New Zealand. As a dedicated christian and philanthropist, I am emailing you because I wish to donate towards charitable programs; such that care for the Poor, Sick and Disabled. I plan to donate $6.3 Million for this purpose if only you can manage the program appropriately. I sincerely would appreciate a response at your convenience. Email me at: philm.hoare@gmail.com
Phillip Hoare"

socram, Mar 14, 9:19am
Rang us the other night. I'd warned my wife to pass them over.

You have a problem with your computer.

"Do I?"

Kept him talking for a while, feigning surprise (whilst on the lap top) and asked if he'd wait whilst the computer booted up.

Put the phone down of course.

Kept apologising every couple of minutes claiming it was slow.

When he'd waited about 4 or 5 minutes, he told me to click on an icon.

I asked him what an icon was.

He then asked me to press the Windows key.

"What is Windows?"

That stunned him and he passed me on to his supervisor.

Press the Windows key.

"What is this Windows you keep on about?"

OK, what are the keys on the bottom row of the keyboard?

(I conveniently reeled them off but missed out the Windows key.)

He then asked me to connect to the Internet.

"What is the Internet?"

He seemed somewhat surprised that I didn't know what the Internet was. Are you sure you don't know what the internet is?

I could picture him so vividly seeing money disappear from his grasp.

After a few more minutes, they rang off. I wonder why? I wonder if my computer is OK?

tmg, Mar 14, 11:24am
bet it aint tho . on your commuter . have they moved to trying to fix transport probs now ? ;-)

ford_transit, Mar 15, 2:37am
I use,'heck I'm glad you called, it is making this really strange beeping noise, maybe you can help'. reaches for smoke detector.

archereon, Mar 15, 5:32am
Ask them what colour underwear they are wearing a a starting point.

rav413, Mar 16, 10:30am
I love it!

trade_menow, Mar 16, 11:07am
or tell them you cant connect to the internet while talking to them as your on dial up:)

Or you have a mac - or use linux ( or xp and dont trust connecting online ) lol

joanie04, May 12, 3:56am
I had one ring during the day while I was at work, they got my teenager daughter. Said he was Phillip from Spark and doubled checked if a Ms G**** lived there (obviously Indian she thought it was the guy she worked for at first). Yes she said there are two of us. Anyway they went on to explain that they would be disconnecting our internet in 10 days and were we okay with this. Yes of course she replied. Again he asked if she was fine with this. Of course she said. The only thing we have with Spark are our pre-paid mobiles. And as you can see we are still connected to the internet.

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