Record Audio From Laptop? *HOW*

Hi I need to record some audio onto my laptop I have downloaded Audacity.

The audio is about 4 hours long and I need to be on my laptop at the same time as when it is recording but I don't want to hear it for the whole 4 hours

I have tried to record it and turn the volume down but when I do this the recording goes down in volume as well

Is there a way around this? to not hear what you are recording and the audio just records in the background


geek_aidy40, Aug 15, 7:27 pm

you want to record some audio onto the laptop ?
using what ? - a microphone ? or ?

geek_nice_lady, Aug 15, 7:50 pm

Just the system? Maby through the sound card or through the speakers but with them turned down

geek_aidy40, Aug 15, 8:13 pm

Just turn down the Windows sound volume - this is the output volume. I think your mistake is to turn down the volume in Audacity - this is the input volume and the recording will be quieter if you turn this down.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 15, 8:32 pm

Ok I tried that but I can still hear audio while I am recording it?

geek_aidy40, Aug 15, 8:54 pm

Plug in headphones/earbuds.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 8:59 pm

Save the recording as a file?

geek_jancemord, Aug 16, 7:28 am

Turn down the Windows volume - use the mute if you want.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 16, 7:34 am

Yes, thats what I do.

geek_jhan, Feb 15, 3:30 pm

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