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I have had a small personal homepage for several years on space provided by my ISP, but they have decided not to offer this hosting service any more.
Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for free website hosting?

geek_rpvr, Jun 18, 9:33 pm

geek_wickedtrader, Jun 18, 9:57 pm

I used for quite a while back in the day. Don't know how they rate in today's market. Switched to paid hosting since, due to wanting own domain name.

geek_volkier, Jun 19, 7:22 am offers personal hosting. I use it so I have a personal email address off the website which is included (so does the whole family).

geek_ilottl, Jun 19, 10:56 am

It's not free. Note the heading for this thread.

geek_squibby, Jun 19, 12:39 pm

geek_valentino, Jun 19, 1:41 pm

I use weebly for my website. Easy to use and they look good.

geek_lovecat, Jun 19, 3:40 pm

Thanks for the comments. Has anyone used Wordpress? I'm just toying with the idea of paying for a domain. I'm currently building a site using Serif Webplus X6 and will decide where to put it once complete.

geek_rpvr, Jun 19, 3:50 pm

How about hosting it yourself? Just put it on a cheap old desktop and leave it running headless.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 19, 5:12 pm

Isn't this a it of overkill for a small hobby site?

geek_rpvr, Aug 7, 5:23 pm

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