IPhone 6 Screen lifting off from frame?

Hi all,

I have an iPhone 6 which had a broken screen and therefore I bought an iPhone 6 LCD screen to replace it with. I have done numerous repais before and this repair went smoothly with no issues. However approx 3 weeks after fixing the phone I noticed that the LCD screen itself was beginning to lift off the frame all along the right side.

I have never seen this before and I can only assume that the screen is faulty. I have emailed the seller on trademe who is intrade so hopefully he is able to fix this issue however google has told me that this could be a common issue and faults are repaired by apple?

My question is, if the seller gives me grief and tells me they won't refund/replace it, am I able to take it into Apple or will they shut my claim down because a second hand screen was used to replace it?

Any help would be great!


geek_rusty_thomson, May 26, 1:42 pm

As good as apple are in respect to repairing their products. Considering you have repaired it yourself with non-apple parts I'd say they wont fix it.

If the screen is faulty its the suppliers fault, if they tell you where to go I'd say your best bet would be to buy another screen and try the repair again.

geek_jon9, May 26, 2:50 pm

^Yeah I figured apple would say no. I'm very confident it's the screen itself because I have repaired friends iPhone 6's and never had this issue. The seller is in-trade (great idea by trademe by the way) so I am sure they will honor the faulty equipment

geek_rusty_thomson, May 26, 3:08 pm

I have been declined a warranty claim with Apple because of a third party screen. In the end the third party screen was the problem so I can't blame them

geek_piperguy, Oct 17, 4:52 am

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