Galaxy S6 comes bundled with Micro$oft apps.

nzoomed, Mar 2, 11:24pm
Never thought i would see the day coming where M$ would produce android apps!

kevymtnz, Mar 2, 11:54pm
as long as they can be disabled who cares

nzoomed, Mar 3, 12:40am
I cant say i would be using them myself, but it shows that Microsoft is being forced to adjust to the market.

jon9, Mar 3, 2:24am
Samsung just knifed google in the back

MS One drive is a direct competition to google drive

_drdee_, Mar 3, 2:32am
I can see Samsung furiously making Tizen compatible with Microsoft apps.

jon9, Mar 3, 2:38am
In the general on the S6 Samsung has made some bold choices, Mostly things they used to define as a point of difference over iPhones. No replaceable battery, No expandable memory and no water/dust proof casing.

HTC M9 on the other hand looks almost identical to the M8.

nzoomed, Mar 3, 2:51am
And i hate it!

nzoomed, Mar 3, 2:53am
I agree
I dont know why its not waterproof like the S5, internal memory could be indeed faster than a micro SD card, but expandable memory is always great, i like being able to replace the battery etc, but its still probably easier to do than an Iphone battery, anyway, the fingerprint scanner is a much better design than apples.

jon9, Mar 3, 2:55am
It couldn't be much worse then the scanner on the S5 which didn't work. ever

thecoolshop, Mar 3, 3:10am
I skipped the M8 but I'll be getting the M9.I dig the design so I am happy they stuck with it. I am also happy they ditched the Ultrapixel on the back of the M9. The UP camera did take a great photo but to try and crop some of them and then enlarge that area wasn't so good.

Expandable memory up to 128gb is great. Dolby enhanced Boomsound should be very good. Hell I am impressed but my M7 Boomsound.

I hope all those Samsung followers who continuously pointed out that they could change the battery, will eat my shorts, ha ha.

No 2k, screen so longer battery life is also smart.

Yep, M9 for me :)

csador, Mar 3, 6:36am
wont ever buy another samsung device again, the actual hardware is OK, but the touchwiz OS is crap and I have to end up flashing a custom ROM onto it to get adequate performance

Nexus next time for me

logo, Mar 3, 6:48am
I would have thought by doing away with the microsd and removable battery it would be easier to make waterproof?

Not for me - waiting for prices of S5's to come on down now. For me, those three things are a must in my next phone

I think phones have reached the point where there really isn't much new left - a screen can only be so big, screen resolutions are pointless getting any higher - quad core CPU's are everywhere and more than enough. What's left?

The next big leap will be a significant jump in battery life. Maybe with the S7 or iphone7

nzoomed, Mar 3, 10:01am
I agree there is not much you cant do any different with an S4 than an S6 other than better camera and finger print scanner whoop de do!
Anyway, they S5 appears to be reasonably waterproof but you would think that the S6 could have been made more waterproof with the glass back etc, but its not really any different than an iPhone now, and those are NOT waterproof by any means, although i think one of the Sony Xperia models was constructed this way and was made waterproof, i guess Samsung would rather concentrate making a durable waterproof phone like the galaxy active instead which makes sense.

S5 is a good phone anyway.

kieran211, Mar 3, 10:09am
Absolutely agree a three day battery would be great. Get back to the 1-2 week battery life of the old 2G Nokias would be awesome.

I think more needs to be done with the interface, Id imagine a big power drain on OLED screens is displaying a white/coloured background. It surprises me that the shift to black (low/no power consumption) UIs are the minority. Microsoft is on the right track but not iOS or android it seems

richardw13, Mar 4, 12:50am
Who is actually going to use word or excel on a mobile sized screen. I have it on my tablet, and I don't use it either. I use a normal computer for that.

nzoomed, Mar 4, 3:39am
Android does, well its pretty black on my samsung anyway :P

_drdee_, Mar 4, 3:43am
Be interesting to see how well the battery does last. There are two factors that are worth noting. One that is significant: the CPU is the Exynos 7420 which is 14nm, the first of its kind going into a smartphone (Samsung are the only ones that can make them efficiently so far) and much more efficient than the 20nm CPU's in current smartphones (as well as having the big/little cores). And secondly, early testing shows that there is a theme chooser in TW, this means there could potentially be a dark version of TW to make use of the power saving offered by OLED.

mattnzw, Mar 4, 4:41am
They are not getting the chance to find out. If I wanted a phone without a removable battery and a removable storage, I would just buy an iphone. My S4 is so laggy now and it isn't really that old.

_drdee_, Mar 4, 11:26pm
My S4 is still smoking, I did an Antutu benchmark the other day with a couple of mates and significantly beat the G3 and just nudged ahead of the S5 (nearly 44,000). Running CM12 lollipop on an i9506 with arters97 kernel (took about 15 minutes to change to CM). So the old S4 is still quite capable of keeping up with any current flagship. Not bad for a 2 year old device.

jon9, Jun 17, 3:02am
Would be interesting how much slower it would be on samsungs stock software

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