Internet connections in Blenheim

My friend just moved to Blenheim and has been waiting 3 weeks now to get their house connected. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

geek_chris728, Jul 31, 3:37 pm

who are they trying to connect with

geek_crab2, Jul 31, 9:18 pm

A couple of companies but they've been told that if they paid $2,500 the provider could open the box on the street and flick a switch. Another house not far from them have been given the same offer. There are several empty homes in the surrounding area too. A new house in Bethlehem Tauranga had to wait 6 weeks!

geek_chris728, Aug 1, 7:57 am

That doesn't sound right, we are in a brand new house and sure didn't have to pay that much to get ours on

geek_crab2, Aug 1, 12:39 pm

I agree, just a little confused as to what advice I can give them as they have really questioned company concerned but can not question line provider.
Lucky they are not operating a business or they would be finished by now.

geek_chris728, Apr 13, 11:27 pm

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