Windows 10 - When?

g14us, Apr 28, 1:03am
Can anyone tell me when windows 10 will be available on a new computer in New Zealand. I am looking to replace my current computer which is running Vista but it seems sensible to wait until I can buy with windows 10 doesn't it?

vtecintegra, Apr 28, 1:08am
Not especially

Anyway late July is the word, but I wouldn't expect it to be particularly usable at launch anyway

mattnzw, Apr 28, 1:09am
It doesn't matter, because I believe Mircosoft said that owners of windows 7 and 8 will get a free upgrade to 10 for the first year, and a new PC will come with windows 8. What free for the 1st year actually means is debatable, although apparently it means that it is free if you upgrade within the first tear of windows 10 release. Windows 10 is still in beta and buggy and they still haven't worked out a number of thing, as I am using it's latest beta, so I don't think it will be out until later in the year.

mattnzw, Apr 28, 1:11am
What do you mean by usable? It is essentially just windows 8 with a start menu new icons, and less of the old control panel. Even the beta is relatively usable, as I use it on my everyday pc.

vtecintegra, Apr 28, 1:17am
The current release is most certainly not beta quality - indeed it isn't even labelled an alpha, just a 'preview'

The UI is very, very far from being finished and there are still huge performance and stability issues (which you are lucky not to have run into) - I don't think it stands a chance of being release quality by launch time.

g14us, Apr 28, 1:41am
Oh OK, thanks for the replies even though the overall picture presented is not encouraging. So you think I might as well go ahead now and buy with Windows 8.1?

hakatere1, Apr 28, 1:02pm
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