My emails are driving me mad.

Sooooooo SLOW
I am using windows 8'1 with Bing.
Speed test and connection okay.
Please help

geek_greenforde, Mar 29, 7:17 pm

so much information to work with.

geek_king1, Mar 29, 7:57 pm

Processor AMD E1 -6010 APU with AMD RADEON R2 graphics 1.35 GHz
4.00 GB 3.45 GB useable
64 bit operating system x64 based protection.

Not really sure what your require.

geek_greenforde, Mar 29, 8:55 pm

some info about the email account might be useful
eg email provider, how you get your email, email client etc.

geek_king1, Mar 29, 9:01 pm

I did a system recovery and all fixed now thanks, but now that I have you here is there a good free antivirus, I have tried malwarebites and AVG but they both are only on trial versions. Thanks

geek_greenforde, Mar 30, 9:06 am

they both have free versions, download malwarebytes from here avg from here

you should also download revo uninstaller, it will remove all registry links to the trial programs, run it to remove them both before you download the free versions and try to install them , or the reg links will turn your free versions into the same old trial versions

geek_skin1235, Mar 30, 9:15 am

Why not purchase a reputable antivirus program such as nod32 which only costs $50.00 / year if you buy 3 years worth. Free AV programs are crap at best and take forever to scan anything.

geek_ceebee2, Mar 30, 11:45 am

Lots and lots of people will totally disagree with you.But if you are happy to throw your money around.

geek_lilyfield, Mar 30, 11:53 am

lol, I'm online a lot, all sorts of various sites, no AV, no firewall, only 'protection'? is malwarebytes, had one virus about 5 yrs ago and recently had two items show up in a malware scan
would be interested to know just what the tossing of $ against free advantage is, time is not a factor - we all sleep sometime and all the free jobbies have the function of scan and then turn the machine off - set it to do its thing and go to bed

geek_skin1235, Mar 30, 12:16 pm

Quite simply, no nagging to purchase full version

geek_king1, Mar 30, 12:34 pm

No nagging with Comodo, they have option to turn off. About the best now, don't know its running in background unless it finds something. Very lite also.

geek_wayne416, Apr 10, 5:22 pm

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