No sound at all

jenwren26, Mar 25, 2:11am
Was fine yesterday. Today is silent. Haven't installed any updates or anything. Tried CD, silent. Tried YouTube, silent. No system sounds either. I've checked connection, everything turned on, volume level half way up. When I wriggle the speaker connection it crackles a little static but no sound. Why would it die overnight when I haven't done anything other than look at fb and trade me and emails? Any help please? It is an old computer using XP so is it just dead? Layman speak please, not a computer wizz here. TIA

r.g.nixon, Mar 25, 2:57am
Try headphones in the speaker socket.

spuddie5, Mar 25, 6:53am
Any luck trying the suggestion above? That'll let you know whether it's a problem with the computer settings or the speakers :)

ceebee2, Mar 25, 7:29pm
Check the speaker jack is plugged into the green port in the PC.

jenwren26, Apr 19, 10:27pm
Thanks peoples! All good now.

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