We need these in NZ too!

geek_nzoomed, Aug 4, 3:18 pm

impressive :)

geek_brucie44, Aug 4, 9:11 pm

Mounted a bit higher perhaps. But good thinking and implementation.

geek_duggin, Aug 5, 7:04 pm

Yes i think its a great idea, of course there are probably factors that come in to where the screens can be mounted, but it sure would make it safer if all trucks had them.

geek_nzoomed, Aug 6, 11:51 am

Instead of a view in front of the truck, they should hook it up to the rugby channel.

Considering how winding our roads can be, over taking would be dangerous regardless if there is no traffic on the opposite traffic. The rugby should prevent them from overtaking the truck LOL.

geek_neofalcon, Aug 6, 7:58 pm

It would probably cause accidents when the truck driver applies the brakes and the car rear ends the truck!

geek_nzoomed, Mar 17, 4:31 pm

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