Best way to clean off greasy spots on tv screen

bluebell21, Aug 17, 1:23am
What would be the best way to clean a TV screen? Just bought a campervan and the tv is near the stove and has spits of grease from cooking on it. I've googled but has contradictory advice on it. One says glass lens cleaner and others say not to put anything liquid near it? Any suggestions? Thanks :)

pete48, Aug 17, 2:05am
Assuming it's LCD, you could try LCD screen clean stuff. Probably available DSE, Jaycar etc

cleggyboy, Aug 17, 2:14am
PB Technologies sell LCD cleaner, about $7 with a micro fibre cloth dust brush and a bag to keep it in. It does a fantastic job, just did my monitors they came up like new.

mm12345, Feb 11, 3:54am
With LCD one risk is using too much cleaner and having it run down inside of the bezel and stuff the conductive rubber electrical contacts to the panel. Symptom - random pixel wide red blue or green vertical lines on the screen - stuffed.

Plasma usually have a tinted non-reflective coating over the glass. I'd use only exactly what the manufacturer recommends. RTFM before attempting. I've seen a new Panasonic plasma ruined by a trace of furniture oil contamination on the microfibre, result - permanent half dissolved streaks and swirls on the screen.

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