Uninstall free month trial of macAfee from 8.1 lap

geek_delmic, May 14, 10:17 pm
Ive installed free Avast ok and would like free trial MacAfee off. Ive tried to delete but it says I have to consult agents whoever they are.
How do I do this as its my computer. I will never buy Macafee now .
Does an out of trial period Macaffee affect Avast at all?
thanks clever people

geek_wayne416, May 14, 10:42 pm
Control panel- programs- uninstall. Only run one AV, never two.

geek_nice_lady, May 14, 11:50 pm
you should be able to uninstall it from controlpanel/programs and features.

If you get error messages as you've stated above please detail them exactly as they appear onscreen with the exact wording - it'll help

geek_cookee_nz, May 15, 12:03 am
If you can type out here the exact message you are getting when you try to uninstall we'll be able to point you in right direction :-)

geek_namtak, May 15, 2:54 am

geek_delmic, Nov 23, 3:16 pm
thanks people Ive done it and its all good now. cheers. good advice all

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