Home security indoors

maclad, May 26, 6:57am
i know absolutely nothing about these including costs but the time has come to consider installing one. Any info really appreciated. How do they operate, can they be set to operate only if an intruder is in the house. Do they have to operate all the time, what ever you can tell me I would appreciate. As I said I know nothing at all about these but need one for when house is empty/sleeping as have had an intruder, think I know who but police cant help till we get more than just a suspicion.

maclad, May 26, 6:59am
Need one that takes pics.

elvsec, May 26, 7:03am
With an home alarm you can set (arm) the alarm in the away using a keypad when you leave the house. PIR movement sensors will detect any movement in the areas that they are installed. They do not differentiate between an intruder or legal occupant. For when you are at home the installer can program certain PIR movement sensors and door open sensors (Reed switches) to detect when it is armed in the home mode for when you are in the house and asleep. When you are awake and using your house normally you turn the alarm off (disarm).

elvsec, May 26, 7:05am
You can choose between monitored systems with guard response where the alarm notifies a monitoring station that the alarm has activated (monthly fee) or an audible systems that only provide a local siren noise (no monthly fee).

elvsec, May 26, 7:09am
An average reasonable quality professionally installed system capable of being monitored can cost as a guide between $600 - $1200. More features can cost more. Some companies subsidize the cost of installing an alarm if you sign a monitoring contract for 3 - 5 years.

maclad, May 26, 7:19am
Thanks any ideas as to what brands to look at, need something discreet. Guessing these things are all self sufficient and do not need to be attached to a PC? Homie capable would be good.

33b, Oct 9, 8:56pm
Sounds like you need a camera with motion detection set to record only during certain times (when no one is home) I have one facing up my driveway but it goes off too often from wind blowing the trees/grass or shadows on the ground from clouds, indoors (maybe an entrance way) wouldn't have that problem.

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