Trouble with ANZ logon

nightpaws, Mar 7, 1:41am
All sites I visit work fine except when I go to click the button to log on at ANZ, comes back with This page can't be displayed, Was working fine till yesterday, I have rung them and they say it is my end but I have researched and just unable to find the answer, I would like to check my deposits etc, does anyone else have this problem or idea to fix it, TIA
Running windows 7 explorer 11,

wayne416, Mar 7, 1:44am
Working here.

nightpaws, Mar 7, 3:46am
Done that, no change

linzis, Mar 7, 3:49am
Have you tried a different browser?

nightpaws, Mar 7, 4:01am
Thanks nitronz, it seems others are able to logon so must be something at my end,

nightpaws, Mar 7, 4:03am
No as not confident enough to know how or what one, Seems funny works one day but not the next, and everything else works fine.

nightpaws, Jun 11, 5:04am
Just to inform it was the router causing the problem,
Thanks to those that popped in

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