Getting rid of sky TV. but want to have similar

jason18, Mar 31, 3:56am
Channels. We e channel, discovery,ci, and BBC knowledge. What should we get without paying stupid amounts of $$ each month to sky TV?

serpico_nz, Mar 31, 4:07am
I'm pretty sure you can only get those channels with Sky.

jamie-b, Mar 31, 4:35am
Igloo have most of those channels you listed plus more go check their website out but you will need a UHF aerial to use igloo.

We use Igloo and its great only $19.95 a month plus the price of the igloo box.

chooken1, Mar 31, 4:48am
That looks alright, way cheaper than sky, pity it doesn't have CI, that's the channel I mostly watch.

d.snell, Mar 31, 4:49am
or if you sign up for 12 months, the box is free.
Beware, it's very difficult to record with igloo as the box powers off every night at 3 a.m. and you need to be present to turn it back on again each day. No good if you are away overnight.
Also, it's UHF only and owned by Sky, so if you are quitting Sky out of protest, joining Igloo is going straight back to them.

mr_lovebug, Mar 31, 6:22am
Just know that Igloo is UHF only, cos Satelite is sky, not everywhere can do UHF please look it up.

I hope that is a help.

ttaotua1, Apr 5, 9:00pm
It's a shame I just watch the sports channel and not much of the others

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