Desktop Toolbar Icons Showing As Split Screen

Windows XP using Torch as default broswer;clicked out of safe site and ended up with original lower/upper toolbar icons as second page.
Unable to restore computer to earlier date,reboot,defrag and virus scan with no success.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

geek_frank80, Jun 8, 5:53 pm

Don't know what you mean by "second page".

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 8, 7:21 pm

Main icons on screen with toolbar icons hidden behind.
You can drag front page across approx 1/4 of the way to enable use of both area's.
Trust that clarifies things a bit better.

geek_frank80, Jun 9, 8:34 am

upload a photo of it or describe the problem in detail (more than a paragraph).

Your description is vague at best and makes no sense.

geek_king1, Jun 9, 11:17 am

Put another way: desktop showing all icons,except for toolbar icons and date which are showing to right of screen on a different blue backdrop.
This blue area can be partly moved to the left.
It appears there are two screensaver back drops on screen at same time.
Also Windows Start is at top of blue background section.
Note all icons on blue area function normally.
I have been unable to restore to a previous date.

geek_frank80, Sep 5, 4:04 am

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