Delete pm's on facebook

jenwren26, Feb 24, 2:19am
How do you delete private messages or whole conversations? I've clicked on every symbol above the message box, thought I got it under options / clear window, but that just x's it out, doesn't delete it forever. I have some old irrelevant stuff there which clutters things up. Help anyone please?

mazdasix, Feb 24, 2:25am

jenwren26, Feb 24, 2:31am
Thankyou! How simple was that lol. !

jenwren26, Feb 24, 3:12am
Now I've just deleted conversations that were over 3 years old. Quite entertaining actually, he he :-)

mike2090, May 25, 3:07am
Not sure why you'd bother.
Anyway, I think it just deleted it for you, the other person can still see the conversation.

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