Watching TVNZ on Demand on computer

Can someone give me an idea as to what the problem is caused by when watching Coro the picture is jerky and the sound is out of sync. It was OK at one stage but now it happens all the time. It is OK on husband's laptop.

geek_lulu239, Apr 22, 2:26 pm

My laptop had that issue, cleaning all the dust out of the cooling system eliminated it for me.

geek_budgel, Apr 22, 2:51 pm

Could be a slow internet connection too;
try to pause for 5mn and then try to continue.

geek_zak410, Apr 22, 2:59 pm

maybe try updating flash player

geek_schizoid, Apr 22, 4:12 pm

Thanks schizoid I'll try that.

geek_lulu239, Jan 23, 8:54 am

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