Windows 10 question

I heard that windows 10 is offered as a complete fresh install as well as just an upgrade.
Anyone know if this is true? I dont think lm teck savy to understand all the info about it.

geek_susievb, Jul 21, 9:13 pm

If you upgrade through Windows Update, your existing 7, 8 or 8.1 will be upgraded, using the existing validation. If you want to upgrade from scratch, you will need to buy Win 10 to get an authentication key.

geek_d.snell, Jul 21, 9:59 pm

according to below link, you upgrade first, then after that you can do a clean install

geek_andrew.t, Jul 21, 10:01 pm

yes, but what that doesn't say it's an ISO install. And I can see why they couldn't. You need a COA Key for an ISO install and unless MS is going to issue every "upgrade" a unique COA by email, as there is no other way of activating Win10 and stopping piracy without them. What I suspect is that you will be able to "reset" the win 10 upgrade from within win 10 itself.

geek_d.snell, Jul 21, 10:34 pm

Also interestingly, TH1 doesn't have an ISO release and they speculate that it's the last release before the RTM final which will just be a update on TH1. So, I suspect we won't actually see an ISO for the RTM, those will only be available for purchase.

geek_d.snell, Jul 21, 10:51 pm

Previous Windows OS serial keys won't work with 10?

I've forgotten exactly how I did it with Windows 8 but even upped myself from 32-bit to 64-bit using a generic key which MS only accepts after confirming you do have some sort of official Win OS serial key (Mine was from XP).

Like 8 I assume there's an option to backup the 10 download to hard drive in ISO format.

geek_harrymay, Jul 22, 3:31 am

keys aren't 32/64 bit specific. and theres no upgrade path. you have to fresh install 64 bit.

geek_black-heart, Jul 22, 7:12 am

Seems as though I was wrong from what I read in the Win10 FAQ's:

Can I reinstall Windows 10 on my computer after upgrading?

Yes. Once you??ôve upgraded to Windows 10 using the free upgrade offer, you will be able to reinstall, including a clean install, on the same device. You won??ôt need to purchase Windows 10 or go back to your prior version of Windows and upgrade again.
You??ôll also be able to create your own installation media like a USB drive or DVD, and use that to upgrade your device or reinstall after you??ôve upgraded.

So all I can see is that MS are going to email a Activation Key to all qualifying user who opt in for the upgrade. Another option would be that the routine for creating the DVD or USB Media wipes your system and generates an Activation Key for use once for installation back onto that PC.
Will be interesting how they doing it.


geek_d.snell, Jul 22, 5:13 pm

yeh read my other post under the windows 10 topic

just a note
do NOT do uprade do a clean install.

all infor is in that thred on how to get your hands on the same build that is comeing out at end of july.

I gave every one a chance to get the pull install oem retail way b 4 29th july well ms say now fee weeks later



geek_frogycrzy, Jul 22, 11:16 pm

there is a video on Y/tube that states the wonderful vaccine king , Bill Gates, has been very kind in donating the "Free" windows 10 upgrade. it also states in that video that you computer will then have the ability to send all data and emails etc used on all your other electronics within Wi-Fi range back to M/S. and it doesn't require your permission. I guess that means your phone, iPod's, laptops, so no more privacy for NZ. Well done John Key. you serve us well. has anyone else heard about this mass invasion of our privacy. No stupid replies please. adults only.

geek_trademepaidme, Jul 28, 9:31 pm

Tinfoil hat time

geek_greeny, Jul 28, 9:51 pm

Must be difficult living life thinking everyone is out to get you.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 28, 10:00 pm

hey Greeny and suicidemonkey. I specifically stated Adults only. kids never understand the real issues. off to bed the both of you.

geek_trademepaidme, Jul 28, 11:18 pm

and that would be called Confirmation Bias

geek_king1, Jul 28, 11:33 pm

Typical. Post accusations with no source then change the topic when challenged.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 28, 11:37 pm

Let me put this very simply - you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

There is a new feature in 10 that does have privacy and security implications. This feature is called 'WiFi sense' - you should Google for exactly what it does (hint it isn't Smyth ng like what you posted)

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 29, 7:27 am

Quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read this week. Thanks for the laugh

geek_csador, Jul 29, 10:33 am

some of you folks just hate being informed of whats happening or could be, talk about shooting the messenger. I guess ignorance is bliss for some of you .

geek_trademepaidme, Jul 30, 12:27 am

And yet still no evidence. If we believed everything every troll on the internet spat out, we'd have bigger problems than Microsoft stealing our data.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 30, 12:29 am

facts are more important!

geek_king1, Jul 30, 8:24 am

If you're just a messenger, why the 'Adults only' and ' NO stupid replies please'?

geek_king1, Jul 30, 9:07 am

You can't even make a coherent post staying what you believe the problem is. That makes you the ignorant one.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 30, 10:43 am

Well this was what i was interested to know.

AFAIK, M$ are only issuing this "free" upgrade to 10 for a limited time, 12 months i believe. now lets say you have to rebuild the system and the windows 10 upgrade is no longer available, how will this be possible?
Will they keep the COA keys on a database to cross them over for future use or something?

geek_nzoomed, Jul 30, 11:10 am

You people are so desperate to criticize . yet you can't take the time to read the actual posting. I asked if anyone had seen the video and could comment. so quit the B/S . and to vtecintegra. and of course the guru suicidemonkey. .learn to read the info. and to king1, the reason for the add on must appear obvious ,even to you.

geek_trademepaidme, Aug 1, 5:59 pm

This is my take on what I read.
It appears that if you upgrade first, then make an ISO on that machine with the ISO tool, it embeds some information about that machine in the created ISO. If you then use that ISO to do a fresh install on the machine it was created on, you can just skip the Authenticity Section and it will carry on installing and authenticate as legal. If the ISO is used on a different machine, it will ask for a key and if none is provided, it go into Demo Mode as happens with earlier O/S's.
So it would appear the best option is to create an ISO Disk for each machine that win 10 is installed on, after it's upgraded. Similar to the Recovery DVD that all Notebook users SHOULD make for their new notebooks.

geek_d.snell, Aug 1, 6:08 pm

My take, as soon as the icon appeared in the tray everything was set to go and good for installing 10 update whether done via the wait for it or forced. That way no codes and install media done on another machine will work provided its the same edition. Any machine that did not qualify for whatever reason wont work or will ask for an activation code. Simple and one size fits all. Could be wrong.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 7:25 pm

My laptop just downloaded win 10 with no hiccup. Took four hours from beginning to end and able to use it. Part way through it asked for agree to use or not terms .

geek_pearlypearl, Aug 1, 8:20 pm

just. tragic.

geek_king1, Apr 12, 9:26 am

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