Anyone use

what are they like ?

geek_velenski, Feb 5, 11:54 pm

a bit on the expensive side. Have a dealer account and still expensive. Only bought a couple of keyboards and some cosmetic parts from them (case bits and from memory, some hinges). Most of the other parts are generic and cheaper from other sources. like ebay or alibaba for cosmetics, like cases etc or your normal supplier for LCD Panels, HDD's, CPU's, Ram etc.

geek_d.snell, Feb 6, 1:09 am

thanks ,yeah i use ebay for some parts ,hmm so dealer account not much cheaper. might still give them a go

geek_velenski, Feb 6, 7:36 pm

for server hdd's they are good.

geek_black-heart, Sep 5, 8:27 am

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