Sofware to Rip CD

Seeking advice as to what is best software to use~

geek_epal, Feb 21, 8:53 am

I used to use Freerip. Haven't ripped a cd in years but I would think there would be an up to date version for such a popular program.

geek_morticia, Feb 21, 8:54 am

Windows media player

geek_wayne416, Feb 21, 8:55 am

windows media player does a reasonable enough job, unless your looking for high quality flac then Exact Audio Copy might be worth a go

geek_king1, Feb 21, 8:55 am

I used to use CDEX. Not sure if it works on Win8.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 21, 9:12 am

Bound to be something on youtube

geek_sqidlie, Feb 22, 1:27 am

Tell a lie, I used EAC to rip one of my father's recordings a few months back. It was ok, too. I just noticed it was still installed and now remember using it. Still prefer Freerip, though.

geek_morticia, Feb 22, 1:31 am

I use CDEX to rip to the hard drive and either Windows Media Player or CD Burner XP to burn to disc

geek_benthecat, Feb 22, 4:08 am

I use EZ CD Audio Converter Ultimate. This isn't free, though there is a free version but it is limited in what it does.

geek_chnman, Feb 22, 7:37 am

Many, many thanks for all your advices and guidance - it certainly has taken the fog mist away.

geek_epal, Feb 22, 11:52 pm

Best media player around. Cant wait for Android version.

geek_jeremy_74, Feb 23, 10:13 pm

Upgrade your hardware, save time and space by copying to USB.

geek_sykotik_ninja, Jul 11, 3:58 am

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