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newbie5, Mar 15, 7:16am
I have just run an analysis with cccleaner and now have a list of programs and files to remove.
most of the listed to be removed are things i am using now like avast adobe reader flash player cc cleanr malwarebytes if I remove these things then they will be not left on the computer and most will have to be reinstalled is this right.

cookee_nz, Mar 15, 7:28am
No this is not right, all ccleaner is doing is removing all the cached temp files that those programs create over time and flushes them out. CCleaner does not uninstall unless you specifically run the program removal utility which is a separate feature of ccleaner. If you don't understand this you are better off not running it until you know more about how it works ;-)

richard112, Mar 15, 7:29am
Name is C Cleaner. Can't be sure if you are talking about the process that picks out surplus stuff taking up room on your C drive, or the process that looks for anomalies in your registry. I have never run into probs by allowing c cleaner to remove whatever it indicates is surplus. It will not be removing whole applications, just duplicated or surplus files. BUT, see what some others have to say. Maybe I've just been lucky.

newbie5, Mar 15, 7:30am
I ran the analyise then all these results came up and to remove them I have to click on clean but as mentioned they are all mostly programs i am using including mozilla etc.

cookee_nz, Mar 15, 7:32am
are you certain it is ccleaner by Piriform?

lilyfield, Mar 15, 7:34am
you can safely run cleaner to remove and clean all of those files. Nothing will be changed in your set up

newbie5, Mar 15, 7:35am
yeah Richard you could be right and maybe they are duplicates.
But 1 of them is flash which I just updated today and it is giving me results to remove the 1 I have just downloaded as it is todays date and also another update i did on Avast 2 days ago. so it seems something is not right here

king1, Mar 15, 7:42am
the ccleaner 'cleaner' function works well and won't cause any problems - the only exception being that it will clean out internet history of browsers and recent document lists in office applications unless you untick the respective tick boxes.
The registry cleaner is an altogether different beast and should be avoided like the plague imho

mike16, Mar 15, 7:47am
I've been using the registry cleaner of Ccleaner for anumber of years now and have never had any problems. and this on maybe 8 puters.

newbie5, Mar 15, 7:49am
ok thanks all

king1, Mar 15, 7:56am
I get at least one job a week from folks running registry cleaners and subsequently breaking software - its better to fix specific issues .

king1, Mar 15, 7:57am
and no, ccleaner is no different from all the other registry cleaners

velenski, Mar 16, 12:53am
same ,last customer she made a huge mess ,if you dont know what you are doing leave the registry alone !

dudekrulz, Mar 16, 1:02am
There is no need to 'clean' the registry these days for performance. What Ccleaner is good for however is clearing temp. files and the like

mrfxit, Mar 18, 7:25am
Try about 200 computers & using both functions without any problems

r.g.nixon, Mar 18, 7:41am
I've only struck one problem with CCleaner. It wipes out some of my MYOB AccountRight program. But I have made a shortcut to the relevant .msi file, and the fix only takes ten seconds. Have done this quite a few times now.

chnman, Mar 18, 7:43am
Years ago when I was running Windows 98 I used registry cleaners, like EasyCleaner, jv16, Norton Utilities, and looking back, they were a waste of time.

I remember running one of them for the first time on a newly reinstalled Windows 98, the cleaner might have said I had 300 invalid registry items. Then running the next cleaner, it found more, and so on.

I use CCleaner, but not the registry cleaner part of it.

mojo49, Mar 18, 8:20am
I have been running Ccleaner on numerous computers for years. I have always accepted the clean up recommendations and let it do it's thing. I always accept the backup option when cleaning the registry. I have never had a program subsequently refuse to work after a Ccleaner run. I highly recommend it for getting rid of dross that builds up on the HDD. I slao regularly run "msconfig" and turn off all the stuff that installs itself in the start up process that just slows the system down. I have got laptops that are 6 plus years old running as fast as new mostly because of my habit of getting rid of the stuff that slows them down. CCleaner is part of that routine.

mrfxit, Mar 18, 9:07pm
I suspect the computers that have had problems were also getting close to failing anyway.
There has been the odd report of Ccleaner (It's full name is Crap Cleaner) deleting personal files but it's been confirmed that the user has loaded or left those files in Windows Temp folders.

wayne416, Mar 18, 10:24pm
Used this on a few computers in advanced mode, i think better than Ccleaner, never had a problem.

king1, May 8, 3:31pm
Not the ones I see

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