Adobe DC reader

jynx66, May 16, 10:54pm
Does anyone know if I uninstall Adobe DC reader and install, say, Foxit, would I be able to read existing documents saved as .pdf?

r.g.nixon, May 16, 11:00pm
Yes. It is called Adobe Reader - don't know where you got the 'DC' from.
I prefer Sumatra PDF Reader myself, smaller, faster, safer. But Foxit has more features.

vtecintegra, May 16, 11:08pm
Actually it was rebranded a while ago

jynx66, May 16, 11:25pm
It wasn't just rebranded, it was a totally new version that sneakily downloaded itself onto my laptop. I hate it. There was nothing wrong with Adobe ll, but I can't reinstall it without a whole heap of hassle. So I thought, if Adobe do that to me without my knowledge or consent, do I want them at all. No I don't. I'd rather have something else, thank you!
And thank you everyone for your responses. Does anyone have a favourite reader they can recommend. I want to be able to add annotations to .pdf docs if possible.

r.g.nixon, May 16, 11:37pm
I've used PDF-Xchange Viewer to do annotations.

vtecintegra, May 16, 11:42pm
This is actually a good thing.

Which ever PDF reader you settle on you should keep it completely up to date - it is a very common vector for malware so you should definitely not keep using an out of date version.

king1, May 17, 12:01am
and it didn't do it without permission - you/someone gave it permission to update automatically when the earlier version was installed.

At the time you also had the option to not update at all, or for it to ask permission before updating.

jynx66, May 17, 12:21am
I have my laptop set to download updates automatically but to let me install them myself. When updating, Adobe always had a box that asked me if I wanted to download and install a trial version of McAfee, with the tick box already ticked. I would religiously remove the tick and install the Adobe update. This one time I must've missed ANOTHER box that said download and install Adobe DC. There was no prominent notice to tell me it was a complete workover and did I want it. I can revert to Adobe 11 but like I said, they've been sneaky in my opinion, not giving us a chance to choose. And from what I understand, it's only a trial version; if I want the full version I have to pay a monthly fee or buy it outright. No Way José!

jynx66, May 17, 12:25am
The strange thing is, I have two other laptops but both of them are still operating Adobe ll with no sign of a new version, even when they update as outlined above. Touch Wood

vtecintegra, May 17, 12:36am
Its just a few UI changes - the app isn't fundamentally different

king1, May 17, 12:55am

farwest, May 17, 3:25am
If you use Chrome for a browser, and only want to read PDF files, there is a built in reader.

jynx66, Nov 15, 3:52am
Thanks everyone, but I think I'll try Foxit to go with my Firefox. It has more features than the one attached to Chrome. Case closed.

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