Excel formatting cell with formula and text

Hi all I'm sure there's a simple solution.

Cell c1 has 400 in it.
Cell b2 has 13 in it
cell c2. =($c$1/b2)-10&" msw"
The problem is when I add the &"msw" it treats it as a text cell so takes away my formatting which as a result gives me the decimals I don't want.
How do I fix this?
Thanks all

geek_evotime, Mar 10, 12:10 pm

Wrap a TEXT command around the numerical calculation

c2 = text(($c$1/b2)-10, ???000.0???) & " msw"

geek_gyrogearloose, Mar 10, 12:48 pm

You won't be able to do any further calculations on that result.

try using =round(($C$1/b2)-10,n)&&qu-
where n = the number of decimals you want

geek_allan_mac, Mar 10, 12:50 pm

Both ways brings an error saying too few arguments for this function

geek_evotime, Mar 10, 1:31 pm

you need to change the quotes around 000.0 to normal ones in gyrogearloose formula.

another option is to stick the msw into C3 as a separate string, depends on the context though

geek_king1, Mar 10, 1:40 pm

Oh also I'm using a work computer that's in Dutch format to run a different Dutch excel program. So decimals are commas
I only have one set of quotes on here I hadn't noticed they were different.
I have currently got msw in c3 as a separate string.
I am just playing around learning excel so I wanted to learn the correct way if there is one

geek_evotime, Mar 10, 1:48 pm

basically if you need to use the resulting number in another formula it is best not to mix numbers with text.

the 'value' function will convert text to a number but not if it is mixed text/numbers eg

geek_king1, Mar 10, 1:59 pm

No probs I will just leave it as it is cheers

geek_evotime, Jun 4, 8:56 am

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