Modum question

Why would WPS button have been blinking red on my modum last night ? Nothing seemed to be affected and it eventually stopped. Just curious.

geek_flopsie, Apr 11, 8:31 am


Could be that someone is trying to connect to your modem.
Edit to add:
Disable WPS, Make sure wpa2 security is setup correctly, as my suspicion is someone is trying to get in.

geek_neoslowmo, Apr 11, 8:34 am

more likely someone accidentally bumped the wps button on the modem and triggered the connection function. Nothing to worry about.

geek_king1, Apr 11, 8:47 am

It wasn't until this happened that I bothered to find out what WPS meant and i thought along the same lines. When it started flashing red I pushed it ,it then flashed orange before turning red again then stopped.

geek_flopsie, Apr 11, 8:54 am

Yeah leave it off mate.
It's really only there for easy Wi Fi connection setup for devices but it has a security flaw that hackers can exploit.
Best to setup devices correctly than using WPS

geek_neoslowmo, Mar 2, 9:27 am

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