Yaaayyy . purchased Chromecast. On setup keep getting the whoops message, suggest problems with VPN , settings, etc etc. Seems it does not want to run on Thompson modem (Telecom supplied but now running Slingshot)

Is there some compatibility issue or is there a secret to setting up on Thompson modems? Any help appreciated.

geek_pestri, May 17, 11:28 am

Not sure. I had a customer who was having trouble setting it up and had a late model spark supplied modem. They had been trying for a couple of days and had read a lot of Blogs that said there was an issue with that modem. I went round, plugged the stick into the TV, ran the install on the laptop and and started the install. It found the device, put in the wireless password and from memory, entered the code that came up on the TV and away it went. Installed the chrome extension and bam! youtube video running on their big screen TV.
On their Samsung tablet I had to enable guest mode and then it was fully functional. But, overall, I was disappointed what was achieved. I guess the Chromecast is just a cheap way to convert and old TV into a semi-smart TV and the way it operates seems a bit clunky to me. But different strokes for different folks, so if they are happy, so am I.

geek_d.snell, May 17, 11:42 am

Thanks, I'll try a reboot later to see if there is any change.

Apple TV upstairs works brilliantly, no such issues as with chromecast, and yes I was looking for a cheap way to convert an old 42" plasma. but I guess i must have to stick to the clumsy old wired cable connection.

geek_pestri, May 17, 12:13 pm

Given you don't say at which step EXACTLY the error occurs I'm not sure how anyone can help. Initially the setup involves connecting directly to the Chromecast so the router's wireless isn't involved at this point. Is the Chromecast's own wireless signal found?

geek_spyware, May 17, 6:49 pm

My daughter just installed Chromecast tonight. She got a Uh-oh moment. on her iphone, said we weren't able to discover it on your network and this may require a small change to your wi-fi setting. She just waited and it must have fixed it itself and it's all going now. This was all before it asked for the wifi password. We're now watching Netflix on the big TV, it's so much better.

geek_tahnasha, May 18, 12:46 am

Typically one switches the wireless setting on phone from network's router to the Chromecast's access point at this point. Once Chromecast is configured with the network's wireless credentials then Chromecast will drop its wireless AP mode and become a client on network and phone should drop back to the network wireless itself.

geek_spyware, May 18, 7:06 am

Well, got the modem to recognise the device after several re boots as I could tell from the nice (superb even) screen savers etc and the time rolling over nicely on the screen.

However then was simply unable to download the Chrome extension until I uninstalled the originallly installed app and then re installed that and then had to go to the Google website to install the Chrome extension. it worked. once . but as of now does not pick up the Chromecast device even though the modem seems to be operating ok.

Had exactly no trouble setting up Apple TV a few months back but as a electronics salesman said, don't expect Chrome cast to be anywhere near as smart.

I'll give it one more go before binning it entirely as the buggeration factor is building.

geek_pestri, May 19, 8:14 am

Ive got two on my network that work flawlessly and took less than a minuite to set up. My moneys on your modem/router not being compatible.

geek_accordb20a, May 20, 8:58 pm

And I think you were right.
Changed my modem yesterday and Chromecast at last seems to operate correctly. Still having issues with my laptop casting TVNZ on line, but I think that's another issue, my phone otoh casts Lightbox brilliantly

geek_pestri, Aug 31, 3:52 pm

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