44kiwi, Apr 3, 3:34am
I am running Chrome on windows 8 pc and obviously I have clicked on something which is downloading random web pages-some NOT so savoury! I have tried as much as I can and am hoping someone can help! I have run adw cleaner-nothing (about 4x), malwarebites-nothing, removed all extensions, run Avg about 6x-nothing, reset chrome to default! Anyone some more suggestions? Have been through downloaded programs also and haven't anything new there. It has taken me about 4 goes to open Computing on this message board-random pages kept coming up!

r.g.nixon, Apr 3, 3:39am
Restart the computer in 'Safe Mode' and repeat the scans - before opening Chrome.

king1, Apr 3, 3:44am
well that should have got anything there

Try this

Sometimes the shortcuts for browsers etc get modified - right click -> properties and see if any websites are shown

44kiwi, Apr 3, 7:01am
Thanks for suggestions, have spent the rest of afternoon doing the above and still not getting anywhere! I am now on another computer writing this as my pc just keeps getting taken over. I have just gone into Custom and Control Chrome (top right hand corner) -settings-advanced settings-privacy-content settings-All cookies and site data and the sites are there with cookies. I removed all and then went back into TM -Message Board-got onto this page then site came up again? From Removing all and just going into message board there are 16 sites with cookies in Locally Stored Data. I have Allow local data to be set (recommended) and I have also clicked Block Third party Cookies and site Data? Any more clues? It is really annoying me!I can use IE of course but this is just making me determined to get to bottom of problem!

wickedtrader, Apr 3, 8:37am
Try running Process Explorer, just turning on the VirusTotal integration can quickly identify the problem.

Quick tutorial can be found here.


skin1235, Apr 3, 10:36pm
google for revo uninstaller and download it, use that to remove chrome, restart the computer, use IE to download and reinstall chrome again

neoslowmo, Apr 4, 1:13am
^ Yeah try that I've had to do that a couple times for friends too (also Chrome)

44kiwi, Apr 4, 2:03am
Yep I have reinstalled Chrome and also restored pc to an earlier date-fingers crossed going ok. I noticed I did have the ytdownloader installed! Maybe it's the culprit!

skin1235, Mar 23, 8:10pm
unless you use something like revo, which will actually gut all ref's to chrome from your reg file, and all related folders, simply uninstalling and reinstalling chrome won't make a blind bit of difference because the reg file still holds the hives - revo deletes all data pertaining to the program, actually searches it out and deletes it, windows uninstall simply deletes the program files and leaves all other data intact, when you reinstall it picks up where you left off, with the same dirty files and folders put there by the previous installation

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