Windows 7

Hoping someone can Help.I think I have changed some setting Now cant send an email or reply to an email.Can recieve still.Any help would be appreciated Thanks

geek_spook7, Mar 15, 10:51 am

Sounds like you have changed your default email program.
Follow this

geek_d.snell, Mar 15, 11:14 am

sounds like the outgoing mail server settings have changed.

What error message are you getting?

geek_king1, Mar 15, 11:51 am

server error 550

geek_spook7, Mar 15, 1:01 pm

If you are with spark/xtra the default setting is ""

geek_sqidlie, Mar 15, 1:20 pm

that error is a bit generic, but I would start by checking your existing outgoing server settings against the ones your email provider use ie for xtra/spark it is
port 465
ssl is on
and authenticated with user password etc

geek_king1, Mar 15, 1:25 pm

Are you connected to your normal connection? You haven't picked up and gone elsewhere?

geek_soodanim, May 19, 9:22 pm

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