Fiber BB test

mrfxit, May 20, 6:36am
206 Mbps up
22 Mbps down

Not too shabby aye?

family007, May 20, 6:53am
Not bad! Only on a slow fiber here. Orcon Ultra30 unlimited. Perfect for streaming etc. No lag, never any problems no matter how many devices going!

mrfxit, May 20, 6:54am
Ooops (msg done in the middle of cooking tea)

206 Mbps down
22 Mbps up

Not too shabby aye?

mrfxit, May 20, 7:48am
Yep just had to upgrade our network switches & make sure all the cables were at least cat 5E.
ISP upgraded the router as part of the upgrade from std fiber to ultra fast

csador, May 20, 11:37pm
yeah you def want to be running gigabit on your internal network

Im still on 30mbit fibre :( (for now until my contract with spark runs out and i can go somewhere better!)

black-heart, May 21, 1:22am
why is it only 22Mb up ?

mrfxit, May 21, 2:01am
How many domestic ppl upload heaps of stuff?

it's partly to stop domestic ppl from hosting websites.
If you're doing that then you should be on a business plan

mrfxit, May 22, 7:21am
Just talking to a friend & her adsl is getting 2.1mbps down.

LOL Oooooowwwww ouch

pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 12:43am

lugee, May 23, 1:31am
It's a 200/20 plan.

mrfxit, May 23, 3:12am
LOL cheat.
Blimin Gigitown speeds

themillers1, May 23, 3:27am
This is my current speed on Slingshot (sharing with two other computers on wifi) and it's VDSL. I have no idea what it means, can someone tell me if this result is decent or terrible?

jimgammy, May 23, 3:36am
Decent upload but download is only about 1/3rd of what you would be getting on the cheapest fibre plans.

king1, May 23, 4:10am
thats crap for VDSL - mine is average and I get 30 down / 10 up. You might as well be on adsl with that download speed

themillers1, May 23, 4:36am
I've been struggling with extremely slow speeds on slingshot, it's becoming a bit of a joke. This is the fastest broadband plan they had available! I'm switching to vodafone in a few days so hopefully that'll be better. No fibre where we are in Christchurch yet though but will be getting that as soon as it's available.

lugee, Oct 19, 10:04pm
Changing ISP's won't make anything any better. All DSL ISPs use the same last mile, and that's what is slow for you. It's entirely probably that this is the best you can do with your distance from the DSLAM.

It's also entirely possible the house install wasn't done correctly. You'd have to make sure Chorus installed the master filter and dedicated jack, and that you're not using any other dongle filters.

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