EFTPOS terminals

I have a small business and recently received a new eftpos terminal. which is heaps slower than the old terminal.I rang the helpline and was told that . at the moment the new terminals are feeding 2 lines. until 1 line is used ? At this stage they don't have a fix for slow speed,but ask for patience.Anyone else having problems or know what they are bubbling about.

geek_bjmh, Apr 2, 3:13 pm

The best way is to have a separate line for the eftpos then the phone doesnt impede it

geek_newbie5, Apr 2, 5:21 pm

most eftpos machines today work on broadband. That's the best by far, no extra phone line or local call charges.

geek_d.snell, Apr 2, 7:18 pm

Having exactly same problem, have second terminal arrived today, still the same , will be ringing again in the morning

geek_julie56, Apr 2, 7:56 pm

What brand of terminal

geek_loud_37, Apr 2, 9:38 pm

VeriFone vx520c

geek_julie56, Apr 3, 7:59 am

You must be on the ENZ network then, and must be on dial up. I know a few people having the same issues and ENZ wont accept they have a problem.

geek_loud_37, Apr 3, 8:40 pm

Ring EFTPOS 2 GO, I've dealt with them before and they have excellent customer service and support!

geek_andy27, Jul 27, 4:08 pm

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