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gearbox1, May 10, 11:13pm
From where can I download the Word program free. One that doesn't come up in a year's time telling me I owe $ or they are outta here ! Someone from Dick Smith told me on Friday the name of the place and now I've forgotten it ?

vtecintegra, May 10, 11:15pm
It isn't free software.

There are some free alternatives that might work depending on what functionality you need - Libreoffice is a popular one

gyrogearloose, May 10, 11:19pm
You can download Microsoft Office from Microsoft for free. They provide a 3-month trial, so it's going to be 3 months rather than a year before they ask for money.

But, Microsoft seem happy if you begin another trial using the same email address.

vtecintegra, May 10, 11:39pm
Why would you buy such out of date software when there are modern, free alternatives?

gibler, May 10, 11:39pm
set sail.

-bookzone-, May 10, 11:55pm
If you only want 'basic' word processing for home use, or similar, 'out-of-date' Word will do the job just fine - and if you can get it for under $10, it's pretty much free!

velenski, May 11, 12:24am

vtecintegra, May 11, 12:32am
There are actual free alternatives that can open modern Office files without absurd work-arounds - why would you pay money (even $10) for something that is worse.

-bookzone-, May 11, 12:46am
As I said, maybe they don't need to open 'modern' office files, and just require software to create letters, assignments, etc. And if they do need to open 'modern' files, zamzar does the job - and is hardly 'absurd'! Sure, if your life is so chocka that you can't spare two minutes to use zamzar, then it may appear 'absurd', but places like zamzar are, nonetheless, a useful resource.

vtecintegra, May 11, 12:55am
You still haven't explained why you'd pay money for something worse than what you can get for free.

r.g.nixon, May 11, 12:56am
LibreOffice is you want to create/edit spreadsheets and 'powerpoints' also.
AbiWord if you just want to create/edit 'word' docs.

cjdnzl, May 11, 9:05am
Why the hell would you want to use .docx? People with earlier versions of Word cannot open them without downloading extra software, and the only reason for docx is to try to reduce the gargantuan files sizes of doc files (and maybe to make it more difficult for people without Word). Open Office or Libre Office can do the job fine with odt files, much smaller than doc files.

gyrogearloose, May 11, 9:22am
That's not the only reason. docx is an open standard, unlike doc. Try changing a .docx extension to .zip and then extract the files, you'll see that it's mostly XML, another open standard. Specifically, this makes it easier for other software to read and write .docx files.

gearbox1, May 12, 8:14am
Hey thanks guys for all your help. I downloaded the 3 month trial of Microsoft word which took just under 1 hour, but I've got no bleedin idea where it is ?

luvmycat, May 12, 10:19am
Try your download folder. I had trouble finding something else I had downloaded and took me ages to find where it was. I also had to click the exe file to extract the programme.

bjbnz, May 14, 6:40pm
Love people who don't what or know where programmes are download too.

r.g.nixon, Nov 25, 10:14am
Don't poke your tongue out too much, or someone might point our your spelling and grammar mistakes.

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