How to renew dell warranty?

dtpapa, Feb 25, 9:26pm
is there some way to do this online, or do you have to talk to the buggers on the phone?

mazdasix, Feb 25, 9:44pm
I don't think warranties can usually be "renewed"

mrfxit, Feb 26, 12:33am
Dell you often can.
Credit card over the ph is how I did it last time & was $350 onsite for 12 months

lythande1, Feb 26, 5:58am
Has google stopped working or something. I types that question in and the first site was the one needed. or do some people have RSI of the fingers.

chnman, Feb 26, 7:09am
I have a Dell Laptop and can probably help as I have been online in the past to check my warranty expiry etc. Go to above and click "Product Support". If you know your "service tag", enter that, or you can try the "auto detect" option. If you don't want to use the auto detect option, the following link shows where you can locate the service tag:

Once you have entered the service tag, you should see "Warranty" as one of the links. There it will show the dates etc, and you can request extension from another link.

Hope that helps.

mattnzw, Feb 26, 8:51am
For personal use the CGA will often cover you won't it?

dinx, Mar 2, 4:36am
They are often purchased direct and not automatically covered if not purchased in NZ, they come from overseas still don't they?.

audi_s_ate, Mar 2, 4:41am
If sold in NZ CGA covers it. No exceptions. What goods are made in this country these days!

chnman, Jun 24, 9:02am
On an older Dell Desktop, purchased around 2008, I extended the warranty an extra year. I normally wouldn't do this if it was another brand from a store, as I am aware of the CGA. But a few months into the extra warranty, the motherboard needed replacing. On contacting Dell, after some questions were asked, etc, they arranged a tech to call the next day, then the motherboard replacement was couriered from Auckland to Wellington, then the tech came back 3 days later and was all fixed. Now try getting that service by taking into Noel Leeming etc.

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