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jenny791, May 2, 7:17am
Just want to warn those using Trend Micro. Tried to renew using CD and couldn't get it to load. Googled Trend for installation and clicked on what I thought was the correct site, it had the icon etc
and a free help line 0800 001 429. The very nice lady offered to help me install it. She started to try and install it as she suspected Trojans were preventing the install. She said she had found over 2000 Trojans. At that point I asked how come my Trend had not been protecting the computer over the last year. She replied that the Trojans were impossible to prevent. By now I was uneasy. She then said she could fix the Trojans , install a special firewall and load the next years Trend all for $349.00 and it would all take a couple of hours and could I please leave the computer on during this time. At that point I disconnected the computer and went straight to the shop from which I had purchased the Trend disc. The Manager did a google search but we were unable to find the link to the site where I had found the 0800 number. After loading the new software, I changed all my passwords, and computer seems to be okay. I just want to warn others not to use this phone number. Thought I might try and contact the real Trend site to warn them about these impersonators.

farwest, May 3, 6:26am

king1, May 3, 6:47am
if you google the 0800 number you shall find it.

jenny791, Dec 19, 9:26pm
Thanks for that link Farwest. I googled the 0800 number and that site looks different to the one which came up under the Trend Micro search. Looks very convincing. Thanks to you and Kingi, I'm a little more savvy now.

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