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fibreartist, Mar 3, 1:00am
Am needing to have a new website made as our current one is several years old & not setup for phones or other portable devices.

Any suggestions of someone in Rotorua or Bay of Plenty who could do this for us. Need a full ecommerce site, have over 8000 products. Currently running Counter Intelligence POS & has the data taken from that, currently done with a CSV file.

jancemord, Mar 4, 4:49am - hamilton based say jess sent you

ross1970, Mar 4, 5:30am
What's with the jumpy scrolling on their site? or is it just me?

lucky.gadgets, Mar 4, 7:17am
Looking at twad's website, I would say they would not be a good choice for developing mobile friendly websites, given the several optimization issues I just noticed on their own website.

mrfxit, Mar 4, 8:55am
Very very minimalistic & yet Slow.
Yea whats with that shimmy on the banner slide?
This has a lot more content, faster page loads & written on Notepad++

petrik, Mar 4, 9:32am

Send a message through the contact page on the site to get info on the latest site they're developing.

ross1970, Mar 4, 9:40am
You might want to look at the page reflow on your breakpoints tho.
one eg: The top menu bar collapses to a hambuger at 767px but then doesn't work, but then the content is a wider fixed width anyway ( ? )

black-heart, Mar 4, 9:41am is rotorua based, reasonably priced. tauranga based and good too.

soodanim, Mar 4, 6:13pm

hmm it appears their own website is using a wordpress with some eCommerce plugin. Hopefully they don't charge an arm and a leg.

mrfxit, Mar 4, 6:52pm
Speaking of glitchs ( 767px ) ?

Just about every website has a glitch or 2 somewhere at a specific res on specific monitors/ smart ph's & other devices etc.
Considering the cost outlay on that site was pretty much free & it carries a very small footprint , I think it's been done very well.
Site looks fine on the range of smart ph's here
Looks fine on the full range of res settings on my 22" wide screen & XP Pro

The other site mentioned ( above is spose to be a professional site built by a professional website designer advertising their professional services in
. >. >.
building websites

thetwadguy, Mar 5, 2:17am
Hey guys, the owner here from (Thompson Web & Design).

Yes, our website went haywire not too long ago and unfortunately it has been costing me a lot of rep as I haven't had the time to focus on my website, rather putting it into client websites instead. :)

If your interested to see my portfolio, lemme know and I'll get a list out to you.

Cheers - James @ Thompson Web & Design, the cheerful guy behind a heap of awesome websites ;)

mrfxit, Mar 5, 4:03am
Hi James, thanks for clearing that up.
Yea nah, It's not a good look for a public profile as you would have noted.
Shouldn't take much to clean it up a bit & add a few features/ color etc.
Got a real good & keen uni student here that did my site for me from scratch in about 1 week & a few alterations over the next few weeks.
My design & graphics but his work, he loves that sort of work.

newbie5, Mar 5, 4:13am
Just make sure whoever you get does not tie you into a contract that only lets them update the website as you want to be able to do it yourself and not use their hosting.
If they offer you that then say bye bye and go elsewhere.

mrfxit, Mar 5, 8:35am
Totally agree.
It's going to be YOUR website therefor YOU need potential access & real ownership of that site.
Theres no real reason why YOU can't have back ups of the running site AND the source code back ups at home (in a secure place of course)

lostdude, Mar 5, 10:17am
twad is a wordpress site which is one of the easiest CMS' to learn. Probably the best solution to ownership and access uncertainties as the whole site can be easily exported and backed up/restored in minutes.

mattnzw, Mar 5, 10:46am
I have experience with the website design side of the Counter Intelligence POS system, as you would probably be best to use that for your website, if you are already using it for your POS. I think it is a reasonable ecommerce system. Have you contacted the CI about it, as they should be able to help you get the website side setup. You will still need a website design person to do custom design setup stuff, which is what I do. You can contact me via any of my auctions. Location for this sort of thing doesn't matter.

richardw13, Mar 5, 11:15am
With ecommerce websites these days, it is usually a software as a service. That way the developer handles all the backend updating and security patches, and it is often a proprietary ecommerce system. Shopify is one of the well known ones, but there are many others.

mrfxit, Mar 5, 8:11pm
Yep thats fine for full on commercial sites because you are paying for a full ongoing service, but the client should still have full access rights & passwords etc.
I have heard of a fair few cases where the client has been denied access & even been held to ransom about trying to shift to a new host & or admin service

mattnzw, Jun 14, 9:13pm
If it is a subscription service, such as shopify, then you can't move the website to another host, as essentially you are renting website. So you don't own the backend code that makes it run, to allow you to move it.This is how many NZ web design companies, especially the major ones , now operate, as they are essentially selling a subscription. Subscriptions are where the money is with software these days, as most companies are now moving this way. These subscription websites do tend to be better and more reliable, and most importantly , far easier to use with good support, than the open source solutions out there which yourself host on your own servers.

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