Good router needed for home please

Need a new router for home any recommendation

geek_stefanie1, Jun 10, 10:29 pm

That would depend on what type of internet connection you have

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 10, 10:41 pm

I have a decent router - changed ISP and went from ADSL to VDSL. Now gone to UFF and have another router.
Innbox V50-U
Will sell cheaply.

geek_fishb8, Jun 11, 7:17 am

for most people the one that comes free with your connection is fine.

geek_directorylist, Jun 11, 8:12 am

good router you want to do some research often good = not cheap i done research and i had a us-robotic dialup modem then a us-robotic router and now a liksys-cisco router whom is also getting old now electronics age wise but it had already gigabit lan , cost 250$
I had a naigbour guy who thinks everything is to expensive and thinks they put chips ins tuff so it fails. tell me he had problems and he hates having problems, I told him what i did and i have no problems,,,,,,,TO EXPENSIVE! i wont pay that much was his answer. ah well good luck then dont ask me to come and fix your problems . when he calls now i say i have no idea about that technology and he should try somone else.

geek_intrade, Jun 12, 8:58 am

here is a tip if you own the house, install a adsl splitter and run a new dedicated wire from the splitter to your modem adsl router, this eliminates the need for constatly failing adsl plugin filters and bypasses the dodgey old telefon wiring often not good enough for data transfere. I run cat5 shielded wire for both phone and dsl as i wired the whole place my self when it was built.

geek_intrade, Jun 12, 9:04 am

Netcomm NF8AC. Fast Wi-Fi if your devices support it, works with ADSL, VDSL and UFB.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Aug 26, 11:20 am

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