Playing movie on tv

captdave, Mar 23, 6:16am
I have a 22inch Fusion tv with built in dvd player and 2 usb slots
My question is
when I copy movies onto a pen drive and try to play them back on my tv it comes up with a very small picture on the tv, sound is ok
Help how can I get the movie to play full screen

gyrogearloose, Mar 23, 6:20am
Transcode the movie at the same resolution as the display, although it sounds like your movies are already low resolution and will look very chunky when upscaled.

sanders4, Mar 23, 6:33am
I play my movies through my dvd players usb slot and it upscales to suit tv resolution, it may be best to invest in a standalone dvd to enjoy this feature.I purchased a samsung 3d bluray for $129 and it plays all formats perfectly.

soneyah, Apr 25, 11:13pm
i know my friend had an old lcd tv had same problem you are having did you check all the selling my mates tv had a setting called something like fit to display that would fit the picture to the same resolution as the tv keeping the correct aspect ratio

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