Change how my name appears to others - Outlook Exp

I went to outlook Express Help and found that "To change the way your name appears to other people" - Tools, Options, Personal tab, My display name.
Well my version doesn't have a Personal tab; and so I can't find the "My Display Name" button to access this.
Can anyone help please?

geek_smeeze, Jun 9, 3:53 pm

select email account -> properties

geek_king1, Jun 9, 5:04 pm

Thanks heaps King. I knew it was there somewhere, but would never have found it myself. Cheers.

geek_smeeze, Jun 9, 9:57 pm

You might consider upgrading to Windows Mail, it's very similar to O.E. (and the official replacement) but way more secure and has fixed a number of bugs, as well as better stability for messages. If you are comfortable with O.E you should find WM a very easy transition. :-)

geek_cookee_nz, Jun 9, 10:20 pm

I also recommend changing from outlook express, not sure I'd say windows mail is better, but there are other options like thunderbird.

geek_black-heart, Jun 10, 8:50 am

pretty sure Windows Mail won't run on XP.
Windows live mail maybe but that's just painful at times.

geek_king1, Jun 10, 9:04 am

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geek_r.g.nixon, Sep 3, 4:56 pm

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