Which printer would you recommend?

venna2, May 19, 1:30am
I have a Brother DCP-130C printer which has given good service for at least eight years. I'm just a home user, though as I'm secretary of a local club I do need to print programmes and suchlike from time to time. However, the printer is now refusing to print and says there's a paper jam. I have cleared jams quite often in the past, but this time I cannot find any jammed paper at all.

Printers seem to be relatively cheap so I'm thinking I'll just buy a new one rather than get this fixed. I still have perfectly good cartridges - I've been going to Cartridge World for refills rather than buying new ones at exhorbitant prices and with annoying packaging.

But which printer is recommended? I'd like one which uses the same type of cartridges, since I have unused ones. Many thanks.

sqidlie, May 19, 3:02am

MFC 5860 CN, 845 CW, 240 C, 440 CN, 660 CN, 5460 CN, 3360 C, 465 CN, 680 CN, 885 CW
DCP 540 CN, 750 CW, 130 C, 330 C, 350 C, 357 C, 560 CN, 770 CW
Fax 1355, 1360, 1560, 1460

venna2, May 19, 6:49am
Thanks. Would you all recommend a Brother printer, or is another brand better or just as good? I need it to scan as well as print.

sqidlie, May 19, 3:09pm

Maybe this will help ? ? ?
You may need to get a flashlight to check that all paper is clear and removed from the inside. Take the back trap door off if one is fitted as well to check

I am a HP and Epson person myself, each have the ability to use self - refillable cartridges
Epson for fantastic photo prints and HP for general printing
Most of the HP have scanners built into them these days
Dont buy a Epson with attached scanner

venna2, May 19, 10:16pm
Thank you so much for that link, sqidlie. My own printer looked different inside from the one in the video and I couldn't find the strip, but got a clean tissue and wiped around generally. And lo and behold when I turned the printer on again and asked it to print something, it first went through its own cleaning process and then did the printing!

So I won't be buying a new one just yet. Many thanks again.

sqidlie, Nov 4, 9:15am
Tis good news:-)
Yes although the model shown was not yours, most printers have similar workings. That strip will be there somewhere, just maybe hidden from view
Try to keep the amount of "spare" ink cartridges to a minimum, just in case it goes AWOL again
Happy printing :-)

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