Setting up tv in bedroom

chooken1, Mar 29, 7:59am
Im a bit stumped how this works, Ive got a tv in lounge with freeview box and satellite dish. If I put a tv in the bedroom, where does the aerial connecting from the tv go to? do I just run a cord along the floor to the freeview box in lounge?

serpico_nz, Mar 29, 8:08am
Theres a few different options:

Buy a second freeview box and run a second cable to it with a splitter (my recommendation).

Buy a wireless video signal sender and use that to control and view the freeview box in the lounge (Poor quality and unreliablity issues).

Run an RCA cable from the lounge to your other tv and just use a remote extender.

chooken1, Mar 29, 8:09am
Thanks very much

shastelow, Mar 29, 8:52am
Many freeview boxes have an output plug in the back that you can connect to a coaxial cable. You would then plug the other end into a freeview box in the bedroom. The only issue with this is that there is a slight loss of quality and also the freeview receiver in the lounge needs to be turned on to receive a signal. The best option is to install a splitter so that the signal splits into two before connecting to any freeview boxes.

ttaotua1, Mar 29, 11:31am
I have two tvs running of a uhf box in the bedroom with just a standard bunny ears but it was difficult getting a signal from one of them so I had to move the TV to the other end of the room.

spyware, Mar 29, 9:00pm
If you are installing a modern TV in bedroom then better off getting a terrestrial UHF antenna installed. Antenna then connects directly to aerial input on TV as it was in 1960.

Note: Any solution that proposes running the analog RF modulated output from your current DVB-S (satellite) directly to TV antenna input should not be considered as the image quality will be poor.

serpico_nz, Apr 6, 10:00am
If they do that, they would have to check their coverage for UHF;

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