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ag2109, Feb 14, 3:17am
I need a new phone, currently have a Sony Xperia which is not performing as it should.
Shall I splurge on the new iphone or wait for the new Samsung Galaxy? Or some other brand? Am I missing out having never owned an iphone?

Help me, TMMB, you're my only hope.

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 3:22am
How old is the Sony?

In the Android world the Xperia Z3 is one of the top current choices - it is the phone I'd pick if I didn't mind dropping $800+

ag2109, Feb 14, 3:29am
Sony Xperia U, bought last April, so not even a year old, but the apps keep crashing in the middle of using them. so over it! My previous was the Xperia P, lasted about 18 months before just crashing continuously. So not sure if I'm keen for yet another Sony!

2nd2none, Feb 14, 3:43am
If I was waiting it would be to see what the HTC One M9 is like come March 1st.

Antutu benchmarks put the Galaxy S6 as the most powerful phone ever, destroying everything in its path.
But at the end of the day it's still running Touchwiz

ag2109, Feb 14, 3:49am
Is something wrong with touchwiz?

2nd2none, Feb 14, 3:55am
those are very lowly specced phones from Sony with very little ram and hardware, the Z series is the flagship of Sony, very different beasts to those ones you had/have.

wayne416, Feb 14, 3:57am
Back it up and reset it. Android all the way as far as chose goes, its only a fancy phone after all, although some can't live without them so that may justify the price of an Apple.

2nd2none, Feb 14, 4:03am
personal preference and I much prefer vanilla android phones like the Nexus, I find Touchwiz a resource hungry pig which slows Samsung devices down, you may not notice anything wrong with them like millions of others so take my opinion on the UI with a grain of salt. Greatly specced phones let down by a bloat infested user interface, just my opinion.

suicidemonkey, Feb 14, 4:11am
Agreed. I've played with the Galaxy Tab S which has an 8-core processor and even that was laggy. Touchwiz is a pig. Very nice hardware though. Samsung devices tend to have excellent displays, especially if they're AMOLED.

2nd2none, Feb 14, 4:14am
you do realise that most android flagships are much in line with the iPhone in price aye? One just holds its value much longer.

From owning both (current driver is 6+) you can't go wrong with an iPhone or certain android phones. Z3, One plus one, M8, Moto G2, Nexus 5/6 just to name a few, they do exactly the same things if your just wanting a smartphone. If your into tinkering then definitely Android.

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 4:21am
Yeah the U was a very low end phone

2nd2none is right about high end Android, at least close to launch date. You really need to wait for the price to drop a bit before buying an Android phone.

wayne416, Feb 14, 4:40am
I'm a tinkerer run a very nice 2 year old Huawei u9508 rooted, updated to 4.2 even by today's standards a powerhouse with quad core 1.4 GHz nice retina screen and sound you wouldn't believe from its Dolby and stereo speakers. Huawei are doing some very nice phones and i hear their after Samsung.

ag2109, Feb 14, 5:29am
Thanks everyone :) food for thought! I've always been reluctant to pay apple prices but after 2 crappy, low end phones, it sounds like I need to consider a higher spec phone. I have been looking at the nexus, but i can't find any reviews.

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 5:53am
The Nexus 5 is what I'd call a mid range phone these days - it's more than a year old after all. The Nexus 6 is a lot newer but it is more of a phablet than a phone (seriously big)

N5 review: N6 review:

Bear in mind the N5 is now running Android 5.0 so some stuff is different.

ag2109, Feb 14, 8:34pm
Thanks again. The nexus 6 looks just too big :/
I think I might be leaning towards the nexus 5, but not too keen on old technology. So again, I'm left contemplating if I should wait for the new Galaxy or not.

intrade, Feb 14, 9:05pm
i got nexus 5 its faster and better on lollipop then kitkat and i dont use a lockscreen as my phone wont get stolen as non of my phones ever did.
and even if it did get stolen the lockscreen wont bring my phone back to me its wasted time to have that in my opinion
if you get nexus 5 you need a guard cover backplate to protect camera and the push buttons are protected also from accidently pushing.
i got my one from for like 5 bux the black starts wearing off but the fake leather backing is surprisingly holding up good .
i had no cover for the first month and the original cover emay sticker started wearing off. snap on protect cover can be changed the original housing be a bugger if that gets worn out.
this is my cover the corners started to show white from wearing off the black paint

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 9:14pm
I'm not quite sure why you'd wait on Samsung in particular when Sony, Motorola, HTC and in some cases even LG make nicer phones

ag2109, Feb 14, 9:46pm
I'm not quite sure either. Ha ha ha. I do know a lot of people with Samsungs and they rave about them. Hardly anyone I know has anyone other than apple or samsung, so I'm also going by their user reviews of the phones.

wayne416, Feb 14, 9:58pm
Time maybe to think outside the square, Samsung messes with android to much to the point the android developers told them to settle down and not be so radical. Can be i hear very awkward for someone not familiar with Samsungs way of doing things.

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 10:05pm
Current top picks:
- Sony Xperia Z3 - large 5.2" phone with no real weak points unless you dislike its shape
- Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - same as above but smaller 4.7" screen
- Motorola Moto X 2014 - large phone, great software, mediocre battery life, no expandable memory
- HTC One M8 - large phone, software is okay, camera kinda poor
- LG G3 (note not the G3 Beat or G3 Mini which are different low end phones) - largest screen (5.5") but the overall size is reasonable (small bezels). Cheapest of the current flagships. Downside is ugly software and mediocre battery life.

debtfree, Feb 14, 10:09pm
Ive upspec'd as well. Over time you get to "practise" with the low end and get a "feel" for what they can do and what you need in today's busy lifestyle. I Graphed a top ten spreadsheet to help my comparison next buy. For me it was what I could afford v's the Ideal. I ended up getting a Sammie S4 mini (Samsung) with android (no windows for me:) however If i could i would of bought a S5 Mini (S5 little Brother!) - just a matter of having a list of features you would like? Checkout for a fast ref on spec's and keep an eye out for good robust covers for your next buy. :) just a learning curve! By the time your ready to by the next one - you'll be able to geek speak with the best :D

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 10:13pm
Those Mini Samsung models are misleading - they are low end phones that share nothing aside from the same general look with the full sized models.

The only genuine small flagship running Android is the Xperia Z3 Compact

ag2109, Feb 14, 10:51pm
So, in your opinion, the nexus 6 would fit in with these, but not the nexus 5? I do like going against the grain and not purchasing an apple or samsung, but because i have been stung before with the sony, am wary.

I definitely want a good camera, which is why i have previously chosen sony (because of the so-called superior cameras) but have found that iphones and samsungs take superior photos!

Thanks again for your input!

ag2109, Feb 14, 10:54pm
You would think that after 3-4 phone purchases, I would know what I want in a phone! I've previously had an HTC Desire, and researched that as well as the previous Sony. Yet, I am still indecisive and have no idea what I want in a phone. well, maybe I know I want a good camera!

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 10:55pm
That is because you are comparing a very low end Sony phone to high end Apple and Samsung models.

The Z3 models have very good cameras under most conditions.

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