Google Chrome . I wish I hadn't installed it .

venna2, May 29, 10:24pm
A few days ago I was trying to access my Vodafone account and the email advised me to install Google Chrome. I did so . but since then I haven't been able to print or even view attachments that come to me via email. I simply get a message that asks what program I want to open them with, and none of them works. Before that, I could just open and print them easily.

So I've tried to uninstall Google Chrome but it won't let me! I continually get a message that tells me to close the program first . but I already have closed it.

I'm the secretary of a local club and really need to print these attachments I'm getting. However will I uninstall Google Chrome and get back to how things used to be?

venna2, May 29, 10:28pm
I tried again, and this time I think I HAVE uninstalled Google Chrome. But I still can't open or print the attachments, even though I can see them clearly in my 'documents' file.

r.g.nixon, May 29, 10:46pm
Which web browser are you using now?

r.g.nixon, May 29, 10:49pm
And do you use that to read/write emails? Or do you use something else like Microsoft Outlook?

king1, May 30, 1:56am
and what filetype are the attachments

venna2, May 30, 2:09am
I use Microsoft Outlook to read and write emails, and the attachments would be pdfs and jpgs.

namtak, May 30, 3:03am
Save the jpg's and pdf's to a folder on your desktop or somewhere easy to find and try printing from there.

skin1235, May 30, 6:30am
save the attachments to a folder so you can find it easily, open explorer and go to that folder, find the file, right click on it and then click 'open with', select down the bottom 'select program', chose which program you want to use and click " always open with this program"

somehow the association with your familiar program that shows these pics has become changed, this will re-establish that association

skin1235, May 30, 6:33am
pdf's will need to be opened by a pdf reader of some sort, acrobat or pdf viewer or whatever program you have used in the past

.jpg, .bmp, etc will be opened by a pic viewer, picassa, windows viewer, photoshop, even piant etc, and can easily be printed from there

venna2, May 30, 6:42am
Sorry but it just goes round in circles, even though I've now uninstalled Google Chrome. I will try again tomorrow.

skin1235, May 30, 6:57am
close the computer, restart it, ( do not click on chrome at anytime ) open outlook, right click on the attachment, select save, carry on from there

a word about uninstalling, generally uninstalling merely removes a few links you may find and click on, it does not remove the program in its entirety, and does not remove all related details in the registry
it also does not reverse settings that the installed program changed when it was installed - basically uninstall just chops off the visual part of the program, the program still remains on the computer, and if it changed associations as it was installed when you click on one of those associated files they will try to open the now deleted program interface, cannot find it, so stalls cos it doesn't know what to do

revo uninstaller fixes most of these issues - but needs the program to be operational before it can whack it off , using the chrome uninstall or windows uninstall makes that impossible

you need to reset the associations of the various file types to current installed programs

take a break, the files are still there, right click will give you the power to access them and reset the association when you are ready

black-heart, May 30, 10:12am
Do a system restore to before the problem started, it wont effect your files, just windows settings. START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > SYSTEM RESTORE.

CHoose a date, and wait patiently.

ross1970, May 30, 8:31pm
OP, reset the file associations. its simple. Google it, youtube it. Just do it. Learn something. System restore is for the dumb kid at the back of the class.

venna2, May 30, 9:36pm
Thanks for that. It took two goes, as the first time I didn't know how to 'choose a date', and was horrified to see that Google Chrome had reappeared! The second time, it seems to have worked as I can now open and view attachments again. It HAS resulted in my computer suddenly becoming very slow . don't know why . maybe this is temporary or maybe I'll need to be reminded how to speed it up.

Incidentally, for those who recommended that I save the attachments eg on my desktop or in 'documents', I had already tried that, and it didn't work. I still couldn't open them.

And for ross (above), I AM the dumb kid at the back of the class. I value my computer immensely as a tool - it's like my car, I value it for getting me from here to there but I don't know exactly how it works or how to fix it when it goes wrong, and its inner workings don't fascinate me. But I am happy to learn what I can. But like my car, my computer is basically a tool for me.

skin1235, May 30, 10:36pm
the saved attachments would still have incorrect associations, thats why as you say you could still not open them
the system restore has re-established the file associations with programs that were able to open them

its done now, and works, not sure re the slower now
you could have achieved the same effect ( now working) by re-associating the files as outlined above
lol at the dumb kid up the back, - thats your choice to stay there, it is not difficult to advance toward the front, plenty here gave easy advice to follow that would have brought your desk at least a few rows closer

venna2, May 31, 2:09am
Well, I took a break and went to the movies. Before I left, I tried to print a document but it wouldn't print, it said there were no pages selected to print. I had asked it to print in exactly the same way as I always did. I noticed that I'm viewing the doc in PDF/A, whatever that means. I've never noticed before how I might be viewing it - I just ask it to print and it prints! So here's another problem.

On the plus side, the computer now seems to be back to its normal speed.

And yes, skin1235, I find people are very helpful on this thread so hopefully I will advance just a little towards the front.

lythande1, Sep 30, 2:19pm
All you need to do is tell it.
Once you have, it remembers what the default program is.
No different with any browser.

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