Losing Hard drive space on Cdrive SSD

graemehw, Mar 12, 9:40am
lost 80gb quite quickly over a few weeks on a 256gb ssd drive -
Finally tracked it down - some how system recovery information folder - sucked up 80gb - the weirdly named files pretty hard to delete - can't get access - anyway was going to burn a linux boot cd - when decided to search last half of long names - as all the same - turns out is windows restore points in bulk - plus maybe other protections.

anyway long story short - somehow space given to system protection upped to 50% - so whacked that now to 10gb - hey presto just last 2 3gb files remained - big 73 gb file gone- one of remaining is probably from todays windows 7 updates

anyway if someone ask you where there hard drive space is going - this may be a solution

graemehw, Mar 12, 9:48am
ps thought it started after I transfer quite a lot of data off to another drive - so thought windows hadn't un-allocated space - so ran check disk - then when hunting recycler folder- d/l & run ccleaner - which I think got rid of some ghost files or whatever you call them - say they take up space - but take up none - been hanging around for months

skin1235, Mar 12, 9:57am
windows restore points and windows updates soak up the space alright

take a look in your windows folder, make sure you can see hidden files
all those files that start with the yank dollar sign are update download and install files - they've already been installed, those files sit there hogging heaps of space forever - and can be safely deleted at anytime

graemehw, Mar 12, 10:08am
Showing hidden files is easy - still someone new to it would have to hunt around a little - getting access to system files is a little bit harder ( I think in XP it's much easier to do these 2 things from memory ) - you have to know what an object is - er my admin name - the restore file - I couldn't get ownership of it - tried malwares delete spacemonger delete , fileassasin, unlocker - was going to try CMD - but that huge name - needing to close explorer so not sure paste would work - so was going to delete with a linux boot disk .

On my reading if you have 32 gbs of memory & a small ssd drive - hibernate could create a 32gb file - as I understood it

king1, Mar 12, 10:20am
all you need to do to delete the system restore points is turn system restore off for the drive in question. Then turn it on again and create a new restore point.
had a job earlier this week with the exact same problem - 60 odd gig of restore points

graemehw, Mar 13, 9:46am
Yeah so I found out - it was a heads up to others - not to waste the time I did - If no access to a folder - it says zero gbs - I understand M/s wanting to protect system folders - I'm just a googler - over the years managed to fix a MBR , edit reg, replace DLLs, m/b hard drive controllers ( choosing the right drivers & method so some dodgy m/b could see my hard drives ugh ) - actually all of those were Windows XP - except for this one problem W7 has been good to me

skin1235, Mar 13, 10:00am
XP?, easy to see and act with system files as you know
each progressive? genre since then has increased the difficulty

on on win7, I can see system files but cannot delete them, I need permissions from system, you tell me where I can change permissions in systems, I've got everything turned of except the keyboard, and I still can't delete a file that microsoft calls a system file ( actually just an unwanted, un-needed, annoying update that locks the computer everytime it tries to install itself, ie every cold boot), this computer hasn't been turned off for nearly 4 months now, updates were turned off before then but an update on my antivirus turned them back on - that antivirus is now in the bin but not before it downloaded a few updates
I don't even know how I got past the boot issue, somehow I did, and I ain't turning it off again to find out it wants to instal itself again

skin1235, Mar 13, 10:02am
I even tried uninstall updates, and remove updates, damn thing popped up a box to say I needed permission from systems to delete the file - and since as administrator I still don't have systems permission it would not allow it

skin1235, Mar 13, 10:03am
I'll probably boot a linux live disk and rip its rotten head of that way

graemehw, May 21, 5:13pm
probably as easy as anything .

Roughly from memory in file explorer - click organnise , change file properties to show hidden.

right Click on file or folder, choose properties , choose security , click continue button- then I think was add, or change ownership - if it ask for an object- & your pc is call skin-pc - I think you type in skin- - choose full permission .

No guarantee M/S will still let you to delete it though.

anyway that was kind of from memory - so stumble around in there - on windows 7

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