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lucky.gadgets, May 1, 7:17am
The warehouse is advertising Veon is the #1 selling TV brand in NZ ? I don't know anyone who has one . they all have Samsung, LG, Philips

spyware, May 1, 7:18am
Amongst poor people.

suicidemonkey, May 1, 7:21am
Popular doesn't always mean good

gibler, May 1, 7:24am
2-ply toliet paper is also popular.

chooken1, May 1, 7:29am
I have bought two Veons from the Warehouse, I'm happy with them. Bought them at a good price, at the end of the day, they will probably last as long as any other brand.

r.g.nixon, May 1, 7:50am
Son has one. To get good sound we send it from our TiVo to some 2.1 computer speakers.

hakatere1, May 1, 9:02pm
I reckon veons are cracker if you've got 2 or three. If you own one or two different types, then veon are crap.

twelve12, May 1, 9:06pm
Sure. there are heaps of people out there who don't need the smoothest quality picture.

To be honest, I hate super clear TVs. It makes everything look really cheap, weirdly.

Our Veon has issues. no headphone jack and no easy way to output sound. But it's the screen for our computer, so we just run our sound through that. Easy.

honeysacat, May 1, 9:28pm
Nvidia is a perfect example of this

jon9, May 1, 9:55pm
Good on them, they took hold of the market and bought prices way way down. 55" for $599 and 60" for $699.

I'd never EVER buy one, but obviously plenty of people have

ianab, May 2, 8:32am
Toyota Corolla is the best selling car, doesn't make it the best car you can buy.

Same with Veon TVs. They work as advertised, the price is right, and they seem reliable.

chnman, May 2, 8:33am

From the above.

"All LED/ LCD TVs come with an extensive 3-year manufacturer's warranty and all Blu-Ray and Audio products carry a 2-year manufacturer's warranty."

joanie04, May 2, 8:59am
When the mere male purchased out second Veon they tried to sell him an extended warranty. If it only lasts the three years it's not a big worry as it was purchased cheap enough. We still have a Philips that is hooked up to our multi-rooms box. It's 19 years old and I probably paid more for that than he did for the Veon which is twice as big.

jeremy_74, May 2, 9:53am
Nah I don't think they did much for the market. Im sure LCD/LED's were overpriced when they were competing with Plasma's.
Now Plasmas are gone the price is more realistic as they are competing with each other.

One thing Veon ,Konka etc did do was help kill off the best quality TV technology ,as a lot of people wanted a flat screen TV but couldn't afford/ weren't prepared to pay for quality, or were suckered by LCD marketing.

Pioneer weren't willing to comprise picture quality for price so stopped making TV's altogether around 2009.

It took Panasonic up to last year to get close to Pioneer's picture quality. Imagine what we would have today if Pioneer kept going.

honeysacat, May 2, 1:57pm
Holy moley that's really old!

lythande1, May 2, 7:23pm
They are the best selling because of their reliabilty.
best? Depends what you want I guess.
Bling or go and go and go.

Veon, I wouldn't, TVs are cheap. I'd stick with quality brands.
Again, reliability.

shuddupowh, May 2, 8:55pm
Our Samsung gave up a couple weeks ago, was top of the line when we got it, near the $2K mark (Plasma SmartTV) with 1 year warranty and was 2 years old. So thought bugger it and bought a Veon from TW (50" LCD-LED for $600 with free keyboard) and a 3 year warranty. Its not the greatest but I wasnt forking out another $2K when I only get a 1 year warranty. Lost some picture quality and need to have a device to download apps so cant use Ondemand yet (until we get the device needed) but otherwise its OK. Same size and all and its a smart. Cant really complain. Was in our range. If any issues before 3 years I'll have the warranty to fall back onto instead of buying another TV (after 3 years if it gives up, we may be able to buy the blingy flash TVs again).

badcam, May 3, 1:52am
Your Samsung would still be covered under the CGA.

lucky.gadgets, May 3, 3:00pm
Was looking at the Veon's tonight in the store and they had sony and samsung screens going for comparison. The Veon's didn't look as crisp, and the surface of the screen looked cheaper. But if the others weren't there for comparison, you wouldn't know any different.

dudekrulz, May 3, 3:28pm
Yep. They have horrible panels (surface of the screen comment) and the image processing engine is horrible (picture crispness comment). Not to mention non-existent sound connection options, coupled with horrible built in TV speakers and crappy menu and menu options. Also to quote:

"Never, ever buy a Veon TV.

The buyer up in Auckland that looks after TV's is a moron - late last year he managed to send thousands of 39.5" TV's with built-in DVD players to stores that wouldn't use the speakers when using the built-in Freeview. Turns out they never bothered to test a single one before sending them out. They were all sent back, opened and fixed, then sent back to stores to sell. They didn't bother to test them again and one's that they ****ed up ended up on the floor for people to buy.

Veon products have internal recalls all the time and the public is never made aware of them, even though they have defective goods in their home. ie the Veon 58" TV from late 2013 - that had cheap parts and was guaranteed to fail at some stage and have vertical lines across the entire screen. They'll only publicly recall them if there is a safety issue - like the Veon TV in early 2013 that was literally assembled with masking tape and screens were falling out. Otherwise they'll happily screw people over and not bother to do anything until they come back to the store with the broken product - and even then they'll be forced into getting it repaired unless they create a huge fuss (in which case they will get a refund just to get them to go away).

PS: I work at The Warehouse so I know this."

- That recall notice:

If you are using one as your main lounge TV, you are doing yourself a horrible disservice.

I hate to say it but the truth is is that those who say they are 'good' in any way are ignorant.

dudekrulz, May 3, 3:40pm
No, it's more Pioneer sold off the Kuro patents to Panasonic.
Current higher end Panasonic are better than the old Pioneer Kuros.
Also plasma was killed off to focus on OLED technology.

dudekrulz, May 3, 3:42pm
Until they experience it.

r.g.nixon, May 3, 7:52pm
A 50" Veon for $450 with the poor sound bypassed is quite a bit more enjoyable that our old 30" CRT TV.

But thanks for the warning. I'm quite familiar with the CGA should anything go wrong within around 5 years.

sarean, May 3, 8:16pm
Stores do sometimes trick customers by changing the resolution settings of the TVs and using HDMI cables on the ones that they really want to sell, while using AV cables on the ones they are not as desperate to sell off.

But Veon is definitely one of the cheaper brands for a reason. Same as Soniq from JB-Hi Fi

botim, May 3, 9:34pm
Purchased a Veon TV for the children - happy with it. Good picture etc. 4 years on = all good.

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